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Update- May 2014

Hello!  Just a quick update on the status of the work being done on this site.  Sorry for the long silence. Due to the busy schedules of the people who have been working behind the scenes, it has taken longer than hoped, but much progress has been made with the next version of the site.  In addition to being a supported version of Joomla with working links, it will also be a responsive site that can be viewed on a tablet or mobile phone.

We are working to refine and put the finishing touches on the websites so that it will work right before it goes live.  Please bear with us.  You will see it soon.  Thank you for your patience.

Update- December 2013

This site, which has been running on an old version of Joomla! (1.5), is in the process of being updated and brought onto a more current version.  It is a complex undertaking that requires the help of a web expert and the building of new CSS (style sheets). When this is done, hopefully it will correct some of the problems such as the issue of broken email links, and enable Brian to build the discography. Thank you so much Eddie for stepping up! : D

This will take a while, but hopefully not too long.

Update- October 2013

Lisette, who put a great deal of work into spearheading and maintaining the current incarnation of this site over the years, because of her increasingly busy schedule, has needed to pass the tasks of upkeep onto someone else.  She asked me, and I was very glad to do it.  So, over the course of some months, I have been gradually learning how to use Joomla (see below) and make the various updates and postings here.

I have some ideas about making a few changes to this site.  I see a slightly different way of organizing and presenting the vast body of Dots related material.  Areas of information need to be filled out more, such as the band's history and the list of former band members.  We need to revamp the discography which stopped being visable when Albumist changed its rules about having photos of album covers.  More on that soon.  I can't do all this research on my own.

I would like for this site to continue to have community involvement.  My wish is to have help keeping this site up-to-date, and that the information on this site continue to be interesting, useful and easy to navigate for the seasoned fans as well as the new fans and the curious.  As I go along making adjustments to this site, I will be crowd sourcing for information and such.  I would appreciate your input, your feedback and suggestions.  You can contact me at lpd(dot)website(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you much.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In May of 2003, there was a consolidation of the Cloud Zero and Legendary Pink Dots web presences to brainwashed.com/lpd. This changed in 2008, when The Legendary Pink Dots needed a new home base on the web. Legendarypinkdots.org was re-launched as the new hub for information about the band.

 legendarypinkdots.org in 2007

The decision to build a new site wasn't taken lightly. After all, many fans are starting to keep in touch with their favorite bands through Facebook and MySpace. So do the Dots really need a site, with all the hassles of system administration and software configuration that come with that?

The answer came back unequivocally: yes! In nearly 30 years of making music and touring, a phenomenal amount of information has been generated. We needed a content management system so that fans could log in and help make the history more complete, and we chose Joomla!. It also allows the band and promoters to publish news on the site as easily as one might send an email—without having to ask an administrator to do it.

 legendarypinkdots.org in 2003

Making the involvement of the community even more important, we've integrated the discography with Freebase. This means that corrections and additions can be made by anyone. (The discography of official releases is still on brainwashed.com.)

Thanks to Joomla!, it's easy to keep up with changes to the site with RSS. You can subscribe and receive the updates when there are news items or interviews. Read more about how this works in our RSS Help Page. (If you have a LiveJournal, you can add lpd_rss as a friend and it will give you the news on your friend's list.)

 legendarypinkdots.org in 2002

Finally, there's one tremendous advantage of launching our own site, rather than giving up and using Facebook or MySpace. That advantage is complete creative control of the experience. No random blinking advertisements for dating services or laptops. Instead we can focus on things like Dots Merchandise - which you know you want to buy, right? It means the band decides how their music is presented and sold.

I hope you enjoy what's here, it's been a lot of work! It's my dream that we'll be able to really pull together and build a truly complete resource for information on the Dots, stretching all the way back to their roots in 1980. If you have any ideas for making the site better, check out the ways in which you can Get Involved!


Lisette Sutherland, Lighthouse Promotions

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