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Twilight Circus feat. Big Youth

Top tune from Twilight Circus feat. Big Youth on ZAM ZAM! Limited edition vinyl 45 with hand silkscreened sleeves.

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“ZamZam is proud to present this incredibly timely tune from the legend TWILIGHT CIRCUS featuring vocals from BIG YOUTH, just the musical medicine the world needs in these days of division and strife. “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” is a rockstone riddim with a driving heartbeat pulse and deep atmosphere reminiscent of Rhythm & Sound’s classic Burial Mix releases. Fully organic in its sonics and construction, it nevertheless manages to recall the golden age of dub techno and late-night warehouse sessions. The dub version dives even deeper, bringing the hi-hats into crystal focus, letting the toms and rimshots rock, the skanks dub and invert, with occasional test-tones bubbling up as the riddim drives forward, ever forward. Edition of 800 copies.”


“Monstrous dubwise business from Twilight Circus & the legendary Big Youth on ZamZam –
Driving heartbeat pulse and fizzingly dubbed percussion tremble forward on this rockstone rhythm, Big Youth’s voice peppering the dish with his timely commentary – ‘When Will all this stupidness end, and live in togetherness? Stop killing the innocent ones’ – unfortunately ever true in present, past & and most probably the future Big Youth adds vocal weight to this powerful rhythm.

‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ pushes on in the style of Rhythm & Sounds’ classic Burial Mix series, but there is perhaps a bit more Tubby and less Berlin in the way it is dubbed, however this rhythm could easily stand up in both scenarios… Something for the deep dub heads and the roots rockers in here.

For the flipside, it’s a masterclass in version, ferocious yet balanced blasts of feedback fire the rimshots, snares and everything around it into the abyss of dub, although the low-end remains ever forceful, ever forward.

For those that didn’t know already, Twilight Circus supplied the killer ‘No More Will I Roam’ along with Ras Alla for the Gorgon Sound remix released on the PengSound007 disc, but he has been active in the music scene for many years, former bassist of the legendary Pink Dots, and having worked with seminal roots vocalists including Michael Rose, Ranking Joe, Cornell Campbell, Fred Locks and Luciano.

What a disc!
Limited to 800 copies worldwide.”

Outlook Festival- Twilight Circus

Friday June 16th at Melkweg

This Friday June 16 will bring relentless bassquake detonations to the Melkweg in Amsterdam – Outlook Festival launch feat. The Bug, RSD, Goth Trad, Twilight Circus and more… two rooms running the heaviest in bass culture from nearly 2 dozen artists all night / 23:30-06:00 / King Shiloh custom bass bins now added to the main room for maximum bass pressure (!)



Unfinished Sympathy : Music for Unmade Films

By Patrick Q Wright

A collection of atmospheric instrumental tracks I’ve written and recorded over the years.

The featured track, Inevitable Decline, is the track we are using on the Amanda Palmer/Edward Ka-Spel tour as the opening to the show before we walk on stage. It is actually the final section of an 8 minute instrumental “The Dream of the Raintree” which can be found on my Bandcamp CD “Autumn in Umbria


Asylum Relapse : A tale of four worlds

By Patrick Q Wright with special guests Amanda Palmer and Edward Kaspel

30 years after co-writing and recording “Asylum” on my 7 and a half track home studio, I decided to write and record a selection of new tracks extending some of the themes and also revisiting a few old tracks that I felt could benefit from a bit of higher fidelity.
Edward has been his usual amazingly supportive self and Amanda delighted and surprised me by offering to put her unique voice on a backing track I’d sent to Edward while recording “Spin a Rainbow”.
There will also be plenty of other special guests with beautiful and unique talents including Michelle Rainone and Pino Siciliano.
Edward’s voice will be featured on some of the other new tracks in development now and I will be revisiting “I am the way” and “Golden Dawn”.

Twilight Circus- February 17th at Melkweg

This Friday Feb 17 the bass mothership touches down in Amsterdam with Twilight Circus, UK dubstep pioneer Loefah, Egoless & Gantz for Dub Explorations @ the most legendary and iconic club of the Netherlands: The Melkweg … the sound of 1000 coffeeshops disintegrating instantaneously from the bass pressure..Melkweg – the epicenter.. blast off 23:30 / Lijnbaansgracht 234a / 1017 PH Amsterdam



Detonation Wave

Stret Majest just released his new EP-
Detonation Wave