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The Dots have always been grateful to their loyal fans who have been an incredible network of talent, information and resources…  Here are some ways that you can involve yourself in helping the band, this website and connecting with other fans.

Word of mouth

A really great way to support the band is by telling other people about them! : )

  • Introduce the Dots’ music to the people you know.
  • Share the news when a new album is released.
  • Help to spread the word about concerts, create or put up promotional materials in your area.
  • Bring your friends to their shows.


  • Did you get some good shots of the band at their recent show?  You can share your photos on their Flickr page called The Pink Book.
  • Video?  Please share on Youtube.
  • Keeping vandalism off of the Wikipedia bio or enhancing that article is very helpful.  They also have a discography page there.


If you’re interested in helping out with this website, these are some areas where I could use some help:

Recommended listening

The recommended listening page has two rotating lists of about 10 songs each, made by fans for the purpose of introducing Dots songs to people unfamiliar with their work who might find their vast discography overwhelming.  New lists are welcome.

LPD- Create a list of 10 Legendary Pink Dots songs that you would recommend to someone unfamiliar with their music.  Please choose songs from the releases on Bandcamp, or ones that can be linked to from Youtube.  You could base your selections on a theme, such as a mood, time period or subject, or create a list that includes songs from all eras, past to present.

Solo and other projects- If you are familiar with the solo work of The Silverman, you could be of help here. Create an introductory list of 10 songs/pieces by The Silverman that you would recommend for people unfamiliar with his solo work.  Please choose songs from the releases on Bandcamp, or ones that can be linked to from Youtube.  I would like to have a list ready to post for the beginning of July, the month of Phil Knight’s birthday.

How about a list of Tear Garden songs?  10 songs, with a linkable audio source.

I would gladly accept a mixed list that would include the solo work of past and present band members and/or collaborations by band members with other musicians.  As always, 10 songs, with a linkable audio source (Bandcamp, YouTube, other embedable source).

See the lists that other fans have submitted here.  Please submit your list to along with how you would like to be credited on the site.  Thank you.

Videos section

Post good quality concert footage videos of the Dots from sources like Youtube and Vimeo.


Find independent music stores and sellers around the world that actually carry LPD material.  We can add them to the “Where to Buy” page. Please contact me if you know of a place or if you’re interested in helping to find some.

Past tour dates

The past shows page is a record of the cities and venues they’ve previously played in.  But it is missing many of the earlier tour dates from the 80s and 90s.  If you have a tour poster from the early days with dates and cities they played, or you have a ticket stub from a show not listed on our page, I would be glad to add those dates and fill out the missing parts of the Dots’ history.  Please send a readable photo or scan of the poster or ticket stub to  Thank you.

Missing photos

The Who’s Who page is missing images of several former members.  They would be: Vincent Hoedt, Bob Pistoor, Hans Meyer, Julia Niblock Waller, Roland Calloway, Pat Bermingham, Patrick White, Keith Thompson, Sally Graves, Michael Marshall and Tony Johnson.

The ideal photo would be of the musician from the time that they were active in the Dots, preferably performing- but not necessarily so.  The photo should be clear and be of the head and torso.  The size should be at least 3″ wide x 4″ high (7.5cm w x 10.2cm h ) at 72dpi minimum.  If you have a photo like this of any of these people, please send it to, along with a photo credit if there is one.


The lyrics sections are located on the posts that contain the detailed information of releases. You can get to these posts by going to the Combined Discography page and then clicking “info” on any of the releases and scrolling down. Many of these album info posts have lyrics towards the bottom after “notes”, and many don’t.

    • Transcribe the lyrics for albums/releases that do not have the lyrics posted yet.

To help out:

Please register below*, or login if you are already a member, and feel free to email if you have any related questions. We’re grateful for your help.  To help maintain a page, you can choose to assist for a limited time period or for as long as you want.  Wordpress is a user-friendly program, so you don’t need to know how to write code to edit or publish articles or video.

*note: Once you register, I will approve your account, give you editing capabilities, and walk you through adding content to the site.


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