Help is a mixture of help videos and tutorials we thought would be useful for people who are new to some of the sites that utilizes (Flickr, Freebase, Wikipedia, etc).

If you know of another resource that would help LPD fans use the site better, please send it our way.

  • Flickr   ( 3 Articles )

    Flickr is a way to store, sort, search, and share photos online.

    We have a Flickr group called The Pink Book. We are currently using it as a place for fans to post their design submissions for the t-shirt contest.

  • Freebase   ( 4 Articles )

    Freebase is "an open database of the world’s information." It's free for anyone to "query, contribute to, build applications on top of, or integrate into their own websites."

    LPD uses Freebase as the database for the discography. Anyone can contribute information, and when you do, the discography becomes more and more complete. Changes appear instantly.

  • PayPal   ( 2 Articles )

    PayPal allows you to send payments online.

    We are currently using PayPal as a way for fans to pre-order Plutonium Blonde.

  • RSS   ( 1 Article )

    Everyone should watch the "What is RSS?" video. It's great and it says it all.

  • Wikipedia   ( 1 Article )

    "Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia project."

    There is an article about the band that anyone can contribute to. And when you do, you help make the information available to more people.

  • Editing   ( 2 Articles )

    These are tutorials for people who have been given accounts on If you would like to have an account to edit or submit articles, please contact Lisette