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The Legendary Pink Dots’ Bandcamp page is their streaming music portal! This is where they release much of their new material as well as most of their back catalogue (including previously obscure material), live show recordings, session recordings, releases by The Tear Garden and solo works by Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman.

Recommended listening

Not sure where to start? In this  section, we will post short lists of about 10 songs that are recommended by seasoned fans.  This list will change regularly to reflect the diversity of Legendary Pink Dots output and listeners’ tastes.

Legendary Pink Dots songs recommended by Dominic

August 2015

A list for the “softer side” introduction to the PIAS years:

1. Love Puppets from the album Curse

2. Poppy Day from the album The Tower

3. Golden Dawn from the album Asylum

4.The “Our Lady” Suite from the album Island of Jewels

5. The Lovers Part 2 from the album The Lovers

6. Casting The Runes from the album Any Day Now

7. Hotel Noir from the album The Golden Age

8. I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty from the album The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse

9. Cheraderama from the album The Maria Dimension

10. Kingdom Of The Flies from the album Malachai

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Recommended solo and other projects

Members of the Legendary Pink Dots have also worked on numerous solo albums and projects involving other musicians.  Here, we would like to acquaint you with some of their other work. Here is a list of songs and pieces by current and former Dots members.

Recommended by Dominic

LPD’s solo projects, then and now – Ten great soundscapes/instrumentals

1. Trapped in Amber, from the 2009 album Trapped in Amber (Edward Ka-Spel)

2. Spring, from the 2014 album Finisterre (The Silverman, aka Phil Knight)

3. Surfing the Volcano, from the 2013 album Fire Island (Edward Ka-Spel)

4. Dream of the Raintree parts 1 & 2, from the 2007 album Autumn in Umbria (Patrick Q. Wright, LPD’s ex-violinist/multi-instrumentalist)

5. Delayed Chemistry, from the 2002 album So Close, Yet So Far Out (Martijn de Kleer, LPD’s guitarist – 1992 to early 2000s)

6. Lost in Leipzig, from the 2015 EP Mirage Utopia (Stret Majest Alarme, aka Barry Gray, guitarist through most of the 80s)

7. Patterns on the Wall, from the 2011 album A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions (Edward Ka-Spel)

8. Looping ’72, from the 2013 album One Last Pose Before the Ruin (Edward Ka-Spel)

9. Note of Longing/Dawn’s Underwater Light/State of Union, from the 2011 album State of the Union (The Silverman)

10. Requiem Settings 1, 2 & 3, from the 2002 album Requiem Settings album (The Silverman)

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 Performances and Appearances

A Ripple on the Richter Scale

This newly released (Jan. 2015) recording is based on a improvised session made in November 2008, recorded in Chile, involving Edward, Phil and Barry Gray of LPD and Un Festin Sagital.

DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Here is a recording of a live show from October 13, 2013 with opening act Big City Orchestra. There is a brief interview with The Silverman at about 1:59:45, and The Legendary Pink Dots begin their set around 2:19:10. The full length of this track is 4:54:52.

 In studio performance and interview at WFMU

Appearance on WFMU’s Brian Turner show, from November 2nd, 2010. This set includes a very beautiful and different arrangement of one of their very early songs, Choke, track 5.

  1. Exceptional Buddhist 5:28
  2. Russian Roulet 6:44
  3. Hauptbanhof 8:50
  4. Soft Toy 4:38
  5. Choke 8:05
  6. Interview 5:23
  7. God and Machines 8:27

 Archived Radio Specials

CHUO.FM’s From One Extreme to Another presents:

The Edward Ka-Spel music special in three parts, hosted by Gilbert Lachance

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: