Credibility from Pages of Aquarius, performed at L’Escalier Cafe in Liege, Belgium

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Credibility from Luc Pilmeyer on Vimeo.


Date Y/M/D video/Song venue/location posted by
2017/06/21 AFP/EKS/PQW
full concert
Maifeld Derby- Mannheim, DE
2017/05/20 AFP/EKS/PQW
full concert
Bowery Ballroom- Brooklyn, NY wojo4hitz
2016/09/30 City Of Needles Knitting Factory- Brooklyn, NY CanyonMid
2016/09/25 D-Train Detroit and Philadelphia  1 3y3 jackTom F
2016/05/15 Love Puppets
Real World
Apollo 13, Prostějov Po Vl
2016/05/08 Credibility L’Escalier- Liege, BE Luc Pilmeyer
2014/11/07 Garden Of Ealing / Rainbows Too?
Salem / Ash And Sand
Wroclaw Industrial Festival: Gothic Hall- Wroclaw, PL phantasmag0ria
2014/04/15 A Star Is Born Le Klub- Paris, FR Franky Fockers
2013/10/13 Parts 1 & 2 DNA Lounge- San Francisco, CA Ure Thrall
2013/10/06 Casting The Runes Dallas, TX Shawn Shelton-Zieger
2013/10/03 Cubic Ceasar
A Star Is Born/The Garden of Ealing
Rainbows Too?
Casting The Runes
Fitzgerald’s- Houston TX Christopherswitzer
2013/09/27 Ash and Sand North America 2013 bronzebed
2013/09/23 Isis Veiled Live Lee’s Palace- Toronto suburbanmessiah
2013/09/23 The Garden Of Ealing Lee’s Palace- Toronto hexonut
2013/09/14 Grey Scale Rickshaw Theatre- Vancouver EverydaymusicTV
2013/06/11 A Star Is Born  YouTube- fan video Virgil Pink
2013/06/08 Curious Guy  Tel Aviv, Israel Ilans68
2013/05/05 New Tomorrow Odessa antananariivo
2013/04/20 A Stretch In Time
Rainbows Too?
Echo Police
Isis Veiled
Poppy Day
 Wilhelmina Pakhuis- Amsterdam, NL Bonobo2005
2010/10/20 Choke Denver, CO Christopher Potter
2010/01/30 multiple videos  YouTube- fan video Virgil Pink
2009/11/11 In The Beginning Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Unlikely Event  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Peace Of Mind  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Cubic Ceasar  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 No Matter What You Do  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Choke  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Grain Kings  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Disturbance  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Rainbows Too?  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/11/11 Just A Lifetime  Huy, Belgium snoepsnail
2009/09/02 Andromeda Suite ’98  fan video Virgil Pink
2009/04/06/ Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman Extrapool snoepsnail
2008/11/07 Peace Of Mind  Stubbs- Austin, TX JoannaSatana
2008/10/31 No Matter What You Do  Stubbs- Austin, TX JoannaSatana
2008/08/08 No Matter What You Do  M’era Luna- Hildesheim relightdishes
2008/08/06 Rainbows Too?  fan video djroar
2008/03/02 Lisa’s Separation  — electronautpl
2007/10/19 Hellsville (Part 1 & 2)  — eljanusz
2007/09/24 The Grain KIngs Cologne, DE nightwatch01
2007/09/24 Fifteen Flies In The Marmalade Cologne, DE nightwatch01
2006/11/17 Brainwaves: Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman Boston, MA Jon Whitney
2006/09/20 Lisa Goes Surfing  — nemekkemen
2006/09/03 The Warden (Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman) Berlin, DE snoepsnail
2006/09/03  Black Widow’s Kiss (Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman)  Berlin, DE snoepsnail
2006/09/03 Third Secret (Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman)  Berlin, DE snoepsnail
2006/04/01  Prisoners Of War (Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman) Amsterdam, NL snoepsnail
2005/11/11  Love In A Plain Brown Envelope  Underground- Cologne, DE Al Dente
2004/06/01  Third Secret  — eljanusz
2003/09/28 The Eye 834 Boston, MA Jon Whitney
2002/01/01 Slaapliedje  Fan video: BETWEEN DREAMS Part 2 RoMLey Film
2000/06/05  Lent  — nemekkemen
1995/11/04 Beautiful Machine Tampa, FL SpacedHaitian
1995/11/04  Clockwise  Tampa, FL SpacedHaitian
1995/11/04  Siren  Tampa, FL SpacedHaitian
1995/11/04  Andromeda Suite Part 2  Tampa, FL SpacedHaitian
1989/10/12  Love Puppets  — 1digite
1989/02/04 Der Schrei Hamburg, DE thisisnotacure
1988/12/19  Faces In The Fire Variety Arts Center- Los Angeles, CA Michael Zampelli
1988/01/11  Anti-Vigil  — Al Dente
1987/01/21 I Am the Way, the Truth, the Light De Vrije Vloer- Utrecht, NL Lamblogic
1985/11/30  Echo Police and interview  TV gábor gyetván