September 2013 Newsletter

A beautiful day here in the outskirts of London as I type this, and even that list of “things to do before the tour” that hangs on the wall doesn’t look impossible as the low sun smiles through the kitchen window.

It’s Year 33 for The Pink Dots.  A magic number (aren’t they all?) and we aim to celebrate in a proper way.  All dates for our first real tour in 2 years are listed below.

A number of special releases are also lined up to mark this adventure…..again, see below…. Continue reading September 2013 Newsletter

June 2013 Newsletter

Flaming June, except that a mean breeze sweeps down this little road right now and I feel the urge to put my coat on as I type…  Maybe it was because I was so recently spoiled by the Mediterranean sunshine in that brief but thoroughly enjoyable trip to Tel Aviv where Patrick Q. joined us onstage for the first time in many years. We’ll do this again for sure.
Meanwhile we’re preparing for the new album which is due imminently on Metropolis Records (“The Gethsemane Option”) ,while The anxiously awaited vinyl picture disc (The Curse of Marie Antoinette) is also available on pre-order as of today.

BUT FIRST…..THE NORTH AMERICAN TOUR……………… Continue reading June 2013 Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter

Schiphol Airport. Dog-tired but feeling satisfied after putting a new set of songs to the test in our Amsterdam show last night. It had been a while since we last played live and nerves were on display like neon red flags above our heads, but it held together and felt good.  Now we’re preparing to refine it and expand it for our first ever show in Odessa, Ukraine in a few days time and then a special occasion with ex-LPD violin player Patrick Q. Paganini joining in Tel Aviv. And then? Well, America here we come if the Gods favour it….

2013  is beginning to be quite an intense year. Continue reading May 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 Newsletter

It’s the first day of Spring.  Predictably, it’s cloudy, treacherously cold and I make no apologies for staying in.  It’s the perfect day for wrenching off the headphones and composing a newsletter.  You could say the state of activity at Chez Dots has been almost frenetic of late.
For a start, there’s a brand new Dots album of all-new material slated for release in May by Metropolis Records, entitled “The Gethsemane Option”.  If all goes to plan, we’ll be promoting this with a North American tour in The Fall.
A second album of new material entitled “The Rainy Day That Never Comes” (also slowly prepared throughout last year) is also now recorded, mastered and waiting in the can – more about this one in the next newsletter.

Lastly, in this coming week three new CDR releases with a new design look will become available – also 100% new studio material.  For more information read on my friends…..

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January 2013 Newsletter

2013.  So who said we wouldn’t get there? Hands up -to the back of the class…..

I’m fresh from a break in the sun with batteries recharged and ready for an intense year at Chez Dots.

Several releases are already in the pipeline as recording was frequently fruitful in the last 12 months, but we’re also making early plans for a

little more live action in the coming year including a tour of USA and Canada in Autumn.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you….. Continue reading January 2013 Newsletter