About this Website

January 2016

This is the official site of the Legendary Pink Dots.  It was created and is maintained by fans in cooperation with the band.  Over the years, many people have contributed their time, energy and skills to bring the Legendary Pink Dots online and make the site what it is today.

The latest changes.  At long last, the site finally has a new look, using the beautiful artwork of Anita Hammer, whose work also graces the cover of Chemical Playschool 16-18, The Taos Hum LP and the interior of The Chemical Playschool 3 & 4 reissue.  A big thanks to Eddie Rifkind, who built the website, Phil and Anita.

We have switched content management systems from Joomla! over to WordPress, considered to be more user-friendly.

Under development now is a new section for posting the news of former Dots’: releases and performances.  I also hope to give more energy to the neglected video section and the recommended listening lists from fans.

But mainly, as with something new, I just want to make sure the site is formatted and running smoothly.  If you come across something that doesn’t look right, please let me know- lpd.website@yahoo.com.

As always, I hope to make this website a welcoming, interesting and useful source of information- for the long time fans, the new fans and the curious- about the current activities and the history of this extraordinary high-caliber band, The Legendary Pink Dots.



Looking for lyrics?

The lyrics sections are located towards the bottom of the posts that contain the detailed information of releases. You can get to these posts by going to the Combined Discography page and then clicking “info” on any of the releases and scrolling down. Many of these album info posts have lyrics after “notes”, and many don’t.  If you’re interested in helping to fill in missing lyrics, please go to the Get Involved! page to find out more.