Who’s Who

The Legendary Pink Dots band photo: 2016

Current line-up

Edward Ka-Spelphoto: Randy Wentzel

Edward Ka-Spel- Founding member


a.k.a.- D’Archangel, The Prophet Qa-Sepel, Che Banana

main vocals, lyrics, keyboards, synthesizers, broken things, devices, gadgets, interference, the BBC World Service and premonitions


Phil Knightphoto: Randy Wentzel

Phil Knight – Founding member


a.k.a.- Philharmonix, The Silverman

keyboards, synthesizers, soundscapes, electronic devices, gadgets, technology,bicycle wheels, exotic sounds


Eric_Drostphoto: Randy Wentzel

Erik Drost

2003-2006, 2010-present

Guitar- acoustic, electric, bass and Hawaiian

Erik’s other musical enterprises are:
1997-present (dormant): Tändsticksfabrik
1999-2001: Girlfriends (the band that actually got him into the Pink Dots. The Girlfriends record “Geert” was released with Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
2010-present: Dustbombers (his current side project, website at: thedustbombers.nl)
2005-present: recording studio with Petra Randewijk
Erik’s Photography Flickr page


Joep Hendrikx


electronics, effects


photo: Randy Wentzel

Raymond Steeg

1991-1994, 2000-present

Mixing and engineering mastah, onstage processing, sonic solutions, problem solver extraordinaire.

During his hiatus from the Dots in the 90’s, Raymond worked with Hawkwind. He has also worked with Porcupine Tree, Pretty Things, Arthur Brown, David Gilmoure and many others.

Raymond’s Website

Former Members


Martijn de Kleer Martijn de Kleer

1991-1996, 2000-2002, 2006-2009

Guitar- acoustic and electric,Violin, Banjo, Drums, Bass, Fuzz Bass, Tympani, Exotic Percussion

Martijn filled in for Bob Pistoor when he passed away.  He also invited Ryan Moore to Holland to record “Shadow Weaver”.

photo: Bill Ellison


Niels Van Hoorn


a.k.a.- Niels van Hoornblower

Saxophones, Flute, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Woodwinds, Steiner-Parker

Niels is the one who wore loud, eccentric suits and shot light beams from his sax while walking the crowd, a trademark of sorts.  He was also their tour driver.




Edwin von Trippenhof


a.k.a.- Atwin, Edwin Van Wanrooij, Edwin von Trippenhof, Van Wanrooi

Guitar, Bass


Frank VerschuurenFrank Verschuuren


Sound Engineer

Originally from Holland, Frank currently lives and works as a freelance and employed pro audio tech in Los Angeles.


Patrick Q WrightPatrick Q. Wright

1982-1989, 1992 (guest on Malachai)

a.k.a.- Patrick Q. Paganini

violins, viola, mandolin, keyboards (esp. Asylum), piano (The Lovers), lyrics, vocals, drum programming

He sang on The Hill and This Could be the End from the album Asylum.  Patrick has occasionally made special guest appearances with the Dots at their gigs over the years, including in Tel Aviv, June 2013.  This performance can be seen on their DVD The More it Changes.  Most recently, he has collaborated with Edward Ka-Spel and Amanda Palmer for the album I Can Spin A Rainbow, and the US and European spring 2017 tour.

YouTube channel


Vincent Hoedt

1992 (Shadow Weaver)

Sound Engineer

Also: Mentor to Raymond Steeg


Bob Pistoor


a.k.a.- Father Pastorius

Guitar, Sitaar, Bass

Sadly, he passed away in 1992 from cancer.


Hans Meyer


Sound Processing, Saxophone

Hans introduced the band to Niels Van Hoorn.


Jason Salmon

1986-1988, 1991

a.k.a.- Percii Pylchardd

Bass Guitar, Percussion


Graham Whitehead


a.k.a- Adantacathar, I

Piano, Synthesizers


Barry Gray


a.k.a.- Stret Majest, Stret Majest Alarme

Guitars (acoustic and electric), composing and drum programming



Julia Niblock Waller

1985 (Asylum)

a.k.a.- Poison Barbarella

Bass, Keyboards, vocals



Roland Calloway


a.k.a- Rolls Anotherone, Pruumpte Juste

Bass Guitar, keyboards, Suste Glox


Pat Bermingham




Patrick White

1981 – 1984

a.k.a.- Armin Blisss, Pazklah Zzappp

Live sound engineer, occasional percussion and guitar

Also: original person in charge of Edward’s “cracks”, Married to April Iliffe White


April Iliffe- Founding Member


a.k.a.- Aradia, May B. Irma Mazed, Sybil Strange-Cargo

now April White, married to Patrick White

Keyboardist, occasional vocals

one of the 3 founding members of the Legendary Pink Dots



Keith Thompson


Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Sally Graves


Flute, Vocals, Poetry

Also: band logistics, flatmate of Edward Ka-Spel’s


Michael Marshall


a.k.a. M 019, Mick Marshall


Michael is currently in a band called HT-Fib with Patrick White.



Tony Johnson


a.k.a.- Rik Chevrolet


Guests, collaborators and other involved people


Amanda Palmer


of The Dresden Dolls, performance artist, singer, songwriter, pianist, author
Amanda collaborated with Edward and former member Patrick Q Wright on the album I Can Spin A Rainbow.  She has previously toured with Edward in the 2000s and they performed together for the Brainwaves Festival in 2006.

Anita Hammer


Fractal art (LPD website, Taos Hum LP, and the C.P 16-18 and C.P 3-4 cd-r editions)



Philippe Petit


electronics; collaborator with Edward Ka-Spel on Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth?!

a self-described musical travel-agent.



Randall Frazier


collaborator (A Star Too Far)

He toured with LPD in late 2013 (US) and early 2014 (Europe) as Orbit Service. A collaboration with The Dots during their European tour, A Star Too Far, yielded a full length CD. He did production and booking for 11 years at The Walnut Room in Denver CO.  He is currently production manager and talent buyer at Ophelia’s, does booking for Globe Hall as well as mixing, mastering and production work from his studio, helmet room recordings.



Wesley Young


samples and synthesis, cover art

A visual artist and also the founder and proprietor of a collective abstract underground sound project known as Behavior. He collaborated with Edward Ka-Spel and Jesse Peper on the album Deciduous Flux



Mark Spybey


drums, organ (farfisa) on side A; piano on side B on a 7″ record The Bowles Given

He also collaborated with Niels van Hoorn on the 2002 release called De Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club.

Mark Spybey is currently working under the monikers of Dead Voices on Air and Propeller. Mark is a former member of the influential British band Zoviet France and the much-talked about industrial act Download (along with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy). He had also collaborated with many seminal artists and bands such as Jarboe, Can, Not Breathing, James Plotkin and Pigface. He also collaborated with Mick Harris and Ambre on the Threesome series.



Un Festin Sagital


Band from Santiago, Chile.  They improvised and performed together with Edward and Phil, who went to Chile at the end of their 2008 US tour.  The eventual result was A Ripple On The Richter Scale.

Bandcamp site


Martin Heuser


classical pianist on Ulkomaalaiset 1 and 2



Alena Boykova


keyboards (A Silver Thread on Your Children Placate You…), photography for album covers.

She has collaborated with Edward on projects including Red Sky at Night and Ulkomaalaiset 1 and 2. She has also appeared on some of Edward Ka-Spel’s solo albums.


Jesse Peper

2006 –

Samples, Dischordian Howlings, Glitches, Synthesis, cover art

Visual artist and collaborator with Edward Ka-Spel and Wesley Young on the album Deciduous Flux.  His art has graced the covers of many Beta Lactam Ring releases by Edward Ka-Spel, The Silverman, and The Legendary Pink Dots’ album The French Collection.



Astrid Mutsaars


percussion (Don’t Get Me Wrong on Your Children Placate You…), album cover art
Also videoclips of LPD/EK/SM: here.

Christoph Heeman


Collaborated with Edward and Phil, along with Andreas Martin and Elke Skelter, on the project Mimir.  Also the founding member of H.N.A.S.



Andreas Martin


Collaborated with Edward and Phil, along with Christoph Heeman and Elke Skelter, on the project Mimir.  Member of HNAS from Melchior through the end, permanent member of Mimir, and infrequent member of Mirror. Older brother of Christoph Heemann.



Nicoletta Stephanz

1998- 2003 (appx.)


She occasionally joined the LPDs for live performances.  She can be seen on The Eye Volume 834 DVD, and heard on The Greenhouse Effect and An Unlikely Event.  She has also performed solo under the name Coven of One.




voice (Sterre on Hallway of the Gods)




little voice (The Saucers are Coming on Hallway of the Gods)

Edward and Elke’s son


Elke Puecker

late 80’s- mid 90’s

a.k.a.- Lady Loop, Elke Skelter, El Kabong

keyboards, electronics, album and tape covers for several LPD and EKS solo releases

Ex-wife of Edward Ka-Spel.  She appeared on several Edward Ka-Spel solo releases and collaborated with him on projects including DNA le Draw D-Kee and Mimir.


Steven Stapleton


a.k.a. Babs Santini

exotic devices and production (Malachai- Shadow Weaver Pt. 2)

Steve Stapleton also did the album covers for Shadow Weaver and Malachai, the 2 CD set ofChemical Playschool Volumes 3 & 4, and Tear Garden’s To Be an Angel Blind, the Crippled Soul Divide.





(Maria Dimension)


Marylou Busch


a.k.a. Lady Sunshine

guest vocals (The Lovers, Any Day Now)

Marylou worked for VPRO radio in Holland and was a key figure in getting the band gigs in Holland and Europe.


Tony Copier


hired drummer (Any Day Now)


cEvin Key


collaborator (The Tear Garden), drums (9 Lives to Wonder- cd), film maker (9 Lives to Wonder- dvd)

Originally a Dots fan and pen pal with Edward, he served as the sound engineer for Edward’s first three solo shows in Vancouver back in 1986.  While Edward was there, they worked together and recorded what became the first Tear Garden EP, The Center Bullet. Subsequent recordings by The Tear Garden included other members of Skinny Puppy and The LPDs.

Amongst many other things, Key was the founding member of Skinny Puppy and Download.  He currently operates Subconscious Communications, “a California-based record label, musician collective, remix team, 32-track digital studio and analogue synthesizer collection”.



Hero Wouters


tapes, effects and keyboards on Edward Ka-Spel’s solo performance(s) including an appearance at The Paradiso, Tegentonen Festival in Amsterdam (Angelus Obscuros)


Bianca Wouters


lady voice on Edward Ka-Spel’s solo performance(s) including an appearance at The Paradiso, Tegentonen Festival in Amsterdam (Angelus Obscuros)


Lily Ak


Guest vocal (The Tower)


Ignit Bekken


Guest (Faces in the Fire)

Ignit worked with Mary Lou at Spleen radio show, co-owner of Ding Dong records


Mark “Thrasher”


drummer for one appearance