Best Collaboration of 2017

In this article from January 16th, I Can Spin A Rainbow made the list for best collaboration!

A long time in the making, Amanda Palmerand her musical hero and friend Edward Ka-spel of The Legendary Pink Dots  released the fantastic surreal dreamscape  I Can Spin A Rainbowwhich can be considered some of the best material from both artists illustrious and prolific careers.

We interviewed Amanda and Edward about the LP here.

The music on I Can Spin A Rainbow could be described as lullabies from another dimension—something you could imagine Jeanet and Caro including in soundscapes of the film City of Lost Children.

Speaking of film—there are two glorious videos from the LP, that we urge you to watch if you have not done so yet.

See the full article HERE.


The 9th Day Of Christmas

High On Station Yellow Moon-full album on Bandcamp

Edward Ka-Spel’s recent solo album is now available as a digital download on Bandcamp.


This release includes the new bonus track, Stuck On My Eyes.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All who bought the vinyl or cd version with the previous 1-track”teaser” post are entitled to a free download of the full digital album posted here. Please send a personal message via Bandcamp and in return you will be sent the necessary code.