About the Combined Discography

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This discography and the info pages detailing each release came from brainwashed.com/lpd, and continues where it left off in 2010.

Titles are listed under the year of their original release date.


LPD- The Legendary Pink Dots
EKS- Edward Ka-Spel
SLV- The Silverman
MdK- Martijn de Kleer
MMR- Mimir
NVH- Niels van Hoorn
TC- Twilight Circus (Ryan Moore)
TG- The Tear Garden
other*- Other projects and collaborations involving The Dots will have an asterisk and a short description.

The solo projects listed here are limited to the releases that were made during the time that the person was in the band.


Many of the releases in this list were limited editions made for a particular event or with unique packaging and may no longer be available, or very difficult to find. Titles are often re-released after a time in a more general or current format. Conversely, The Dots also release new material on older formats such as LP, cassette and in one case, on 8-track.


8-track, tape(cassette), 7″,10″ & 12″ vinyl LP, CD, CD-r, MP3 (digital file), VHS, DVD, DVDr, Book
With each title is a list of all the formats that it has been released on at one time or other.