Recommended Listening

For the newcomers who are curious about the Dots, but perhaps overwhelmed by the vastness of their discography and not sure where to start, this section is for you.


The Legendary Pink Dots recommended song list

Here, we post short lists of about 10 songs that are recommended by seasoned fans. This list changes regularly so as to reflect the diversity of The Legendary Pink Dots’ output and listeners’ tastes.

And please, if you love something that you’ve heard by the Legendary Pink Dots, support them by buying their music. Thank you.

Recommended by Jeff

March 2016

1. Golden Dawn from the album Asylum

2. Waiting For The Cloud from the album Any Day Now

3. The Grain Kings from the album The Maria Dimension

4. Kingdom Of The Flies from the album Malachai

5. Crumbs on The Carpet from the album 9 Lives To Wonder

6. On High from the album Hallway Of The Gods

7. Slaapliedje from the album Nemesis Online

8. Condition Green from the album A Perfect Mystery

9. The Brightest Star Over Bremen from the album All The Kings Men

10. Cloud 6 from the album Code Noir

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Recommended solo and other projects

July is the month of Phil Knight’s birthday, so we’re devoting this month to showcase some of his solo work. This list of songs was compiled by Kris Nelson and Dominic Audy.

This Fragile Love from the album Dream Cell

Silvermandala 7 from the album Silvermandalas

Butterfly Effect from the album State of Union

Serpentime from the album Dream Cell

Part 1 from the album Blank For Your Own Message

The Shadows of Station Road from the album Just A Dream

Silverture and Home are great, though technically Legendary Pink Dots numbers, they were sculpted by The Silverman…

Droplets of a Trembling Leaf from the album Time On Thin Ice

Part Two from the album Nature of Illusion

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Alena’s song of the week

Edward’s wife Alena is presenting a “Song Of The Week”. Keep an eye on it as occasionally unreleased pieces will appear. In the big picture, on the 10th of October 2015, Alena cast a seed which will eventually become the compilation album that resembles a giant beanstalk. Just beware of who lives at the top of it. !!!! That full album won’t be ready until many months have passed!!!!.