LPD songs from the tour with AFP, EK & PQW tour

May 2017
These are the LPD songs (with the exception of the first track) that were performed on tour with Amanda Palmer and Patrick Wright.

1) Inevitable Decline by Patrick Q Wright from the album Unfinished Sympathy : Music For Unmade Films

2) The Unlikely Event from the album All The King’s Horses

3) The Shock Of Contact from the album Island Of Jewels

4) Fifteen Flies In The Marmalade from the album Asylum

5) Golden Dawn from the album Asylum

6) The Lovers (Part One) from the album The Lovers

7) The Lovers (Part Two) from the album The Lovers

In addition, Amanda Palmer created a 30 song list of some of her favorite LPD and Edward Ka-Spel songs on Spotify.  Check it out here.

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