High On Station Yellow Moon-full album on Bandcamp

Edward Ka-Spel’s recent solo album is now available as a digital download on Bandcamp.


This release includes the new bonus track, Stuck On My Eyes.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All who bought the vinyl or cd version with the previous 1-track”teaser” post are entitled to a free download of the full digital album posted here. Please send a personal message via Bandcamp and in return you will be sent the necessary code.


OUT NOW- Eye Spy Vol. 2

This Metropolis Records release is now available in digital format.

This album is also available as a beautifully packaged CD and double LP.  Order directly through the band or through Metropolis Records.  Please note- the band will ship orders from August 26th onwards.

Like the first volume, “Eye Spy Vol. 2” is a collection of unreleased tracks, demos & rewritten or original material made over the life of The Tear Garden.

AMANDA PALMER & EDWARD KA-SPEL talk art & patreon backstage in Antwerp

Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel in a backstage conversation before playing live in Antwerp, Belgium.

recorded as bonus content for Amanda and Edward’s Live In London webcast. all of this content was powered and paid for by over 11,000 patrons! you can join our art-family HERE:

you can download the album of this tour (“i can spin a rainbow”) at:

published by Amanda Palmer