Edward Ka-Spel release- An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 1

First volume of a trilogy containing lost or rare EK tracks spanning the last 3 decades. This volume focusses on explorations originally only available on the long out-of-print “Melancholics Anonymous” collection plus vinyl excursions and “Sepia” from a download-only album from Brainwashed.This volume will be available on CDR early in 2017.

Now available on Bandcamp: A Scented Candle

With the delightful vinyl edition of “A Scented Candle” on NoiseNoiseNoise records becoming rarer by the day, and a second LPDs release for the label in the pipeline, it felt like the opportune moment to post the web edition. This also contains the bonus song, “Collecting Seashells” which was created in the same timeframe as “A Scented Candle” and s featured in the “Tribute To Fellini” compilation.