Edward Ka-Spel solo Pt.3 (recommended by Gilbert Lachance)

Edward Ka-Spel solo work Pt. 3: The 2000s

Continuing the series focusing on Edward Ka-Spel’s solo work, this month’s list consists of his music from the 2000’s. These are recommended by Gilbert Lachance.

01. Radio 6 from the album Red Letters

02. The 9 O’clock Train To Oblivion from the album Dream Logik Pt. 1

03. Hey Rainman from the album A Long Red Ladder To The Moon
This is the Forest Friendly Mix

04. So Tell Me About It from the album Absence Of Evidence

05. Share The Day from the album Share the day/Dreamstealer / Kissing frogs is Fine

06. Alms For Lepers from the album Pieces Of ∞

07. Mechanical Sam from the album A Long Red Ladder To The Moon

08. Trapped In Amber from the album Trapped In Amber

09. Devascape X from the album Devascapes

10. Suzy’s Eye Patch from the album Textures of Illumina

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