Various solo work recommended by Dominic

LPD’s solo projects, then and now – Ten great soundscapes/instrumentals

1. Trapped in Amber, from the 2009 album Trapped in Amber (Edward Ka-Spel)

2. Spring, from the 2014 album Finisterre (The Silverman, aka Phil Knight)

3. Surfing the Volcano, from the 2013 album Fire Island (Edward Ka-Spel)

4. Dream of the Raintree parts 1 & 2, from the 2007 album Autumn in Umbria (Patrick Q. Wright, LPD’s ex-violinist/multi-instrumentalist)

5. Delayed Chemistry, from the 2002 album So Close, Yet So Far Out (Martijn de Kleer, LPD’s guitarist – 1992 to early 2000s)

6. Lost in Leipzig, from the 2015 EP Mirage Utopia (Stret Majest Alarme, aka Barry Gray, guitarist through most of the 80s)

7. Patterns on the Wall, from the 2011 album A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions (Edward Ka-Spel)

8. Looping ’72, from the 2013 album One Last Pose Before the Ruin (Edward Ka-Spel)

9. Note of Longing/Dawn’s Underwater Light/State of Union, from the 2011 album State of the Union (The Silverman)

10. Requiem Settings 1, 2 & 3, from the 2002 album Requiem Settings album (The Silverman)


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