Blessed Mementos

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Release date and tracklist

May 1, 2016
NL MP3/CD-r self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Premonition 5 / Deflated / Stoned Obituary (KK)
  2. Vigil
  3. Down From The Country / Thursday Night Fever (KK)/ Die With Your Eyes On / Opus Dei
  4. Doppelganger / Flesh Parade (version 2)/ The End Of The World As We Know It
  5. Spanish Bridge
  6. Ideal Home (Version 2)
  7. No Bell No Prize (Version Ridiculous) / Blessed Finale


The history of The Dots must appear like an impossible maze to the uninitiated. Some songs appear on several cassette releases, often re-recorded, sometimes reinvented for the myriad of compilations the band turned up on. Occasionally a 20 minute LPDs epic would include known songs morphing into atmospherics as with the rare “The End Of The World As We Know It”. The familiar becomes a little unfamiliar, the memory plays tricks. I blush to confess it was deliberate. Even so, this compilation is doing it’s best to play fairer, even if a song like, say, “Down From The Country ” can be found elsewhere. For the purist, we’re making a pristine new edition of “Kleine Krieg” on CDR, while ,for those who (understandably) jump up and down and shout “I don’t need “Defeated” yet again”, there is also this collection which largely avoids the repetition.  Cover art by the Silverman based on a painting by Emma Hyland-Arkley.

CDr edition of 199


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