A Public Bath


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January 21, 2016
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Introduction/On High/Disturbance/Belladona
  2. Green Gang/Clockwise/Andromeda Suite
  3. City Of Needles/I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty/Grain Kings/Saucers Over Potsdam/Citadel

  • The Silverman- Keys
  • Ryan Moore- Drums, bass, theremin
  • Edward Ka-Spel- Vox, keys
  • Niels Van Horn- Saxes, flute, Steiner EVI
  • Edwin Van Wanrooij- Guitars
  • Frank Verschuuren- Sound engineer


A flawed but committed performance from The Legendary Pink Dots in late 1996. It was one of the first ever shows for guitarist Edwin Van Wanrooij and engineer Frank Verschuuren.
Venue was the appropriately named Waschhaus in Potsdam, Germany. A friendly club but with the acoustics you would associate with a long bath house. It’s of interest as it was one of the few shows where LPDs tried the “Continuous Flow” experiment. Ryan opened with his Twilight Circus project, which cross-faded into The Silverman’s set, followed by the Dots. A long night in a long club. Alas “Andromeda is slightly abridged while “A Velvet Resurrection” had to be omitted due to a change of tapes…There has been a little post production applied, but there are moments when the room itself wanted to join in (loudly).

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