Chemical Playschool 15


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2012 15 December 15
CD/CD+DVD-r  Rustblade digipack RBL037/ Limited Box RBL037BOX /Ultra Limited Deluxe Purple Bag RBL037BOX

7 December 2013
MP3 released on Bandcamp


  1. Immaculate Conception
  2. Sparks Fly / Museum
  3. The Opium Den Parts 1-3*
  4. Ranting and Raving
  5. Immaculate Conclusion


  1. Chemical playschool 15 Clips
  2. Ghost Logik Short Film
  3. Extras

Bonus CD (Ultra Limited Deluxe Purple Bag only)

  1. The Petrified Florist
  2. Premonition 39



  • The Silverman
  • Eric Drost
  • Edward Ka-Spel
  • Raymond Steeg



  • The Special Paper Digipack (RBL037) is the CD in a paper sleeve that is enclosed in an outer paper covering with artwork by Alessia Catanuto.
  • The Limited Box (RBL037BOX) is a limited edition of 299 copies.  It contains a CD, DVD, Postcard, Sticker, Mushroom Pendant, Purple Bag.
  • The Ultra Limited Deluxe Purple Bag (RBL037BOX) is a limited edition of 100 copies.  It contains a CD, DVD, Bonus CD, T-Shirt, Postcard, Sticker, Mushroom Pendant, Purple Bag, Poster, Violet Bag, Mushrooms.  

* The Opium Den is listed as parts 1-3 on the CD and parts 1-2 on Bandcamp.


A journey to a far-off place although you never managed to leave that couch; CP15 was largely recorded during an intense weekend in August 2012. The version presented here adds the rare bonus cdr which came with the deluxe boxed and bagged edition from the estimable Rustblade label.

The aforesaid release also boasted a dvd, a T-shirt and many trinklets. Nothing left here now except the recordings….  Edward Ka-Spel (notes from Bandcamp)


Press Release

The Legendary Pink Dots are back with there highly anticipated new album. Chemical Playschool is a concept in which more then ever an indulgence in extended ballads and psychedelic improvisations allows Edward Ka-Spel’s voice to engage us with his unique brand of storytelling, and the use of synthesizers brings to mind vintage space rock adapted for the modern age. The album opens with the beautifully epic “Immaculate Conception” where Ka-Spel transports us into a world of stars and planets surrounded by voices and distant echos. In “The Opium Den Parts 1-3″ we find a melancholy piece with classic LPD folk essence, arriving then at the ritual tribal ballad “Ranting and Raving”. Chemical Playschool is able to surpass all of our expectations for a band always able to surprise as they lead us through their peculiar dream world. A truly inspired release representing one of the most beautiful concepts created by this eclectic and mythic band. – Rustblade





Immaculate Conception

I live at the center of the universe.
My joy is impossibly maintained.
No dark guilty secrets, no worry increases.
I’m reborn each and every sunny day.

I sit at the center of my universe.
Don’t care what the other people say.
I stand back unconcerned…
These ears never burn.
Be assured I’m immaculately sane.

All’s well in the center of the universe.
I don’t feel the need to step outside.
I will look through the window and watch that big world go by…

He lives at the center of the universe.
His joy is impossibly maintained.
No dark guilty secrets, no worry increases.

Again… (???)


Sparks Fly/Museum

Not me… not scared of the wire.
Not me… I snatched it, two strong hands.
Watch me… my hair’s on fire
Catch me if you can…

Hang on to my rubber soles
Climb upon my rugged shoulders
Touch the stars,
feel the…(???)
Ignite this dark satanic corner.
Watch sparks fly…
Sparks fly…

So the world is waiting for this.
If I step outside, will I be trampled by an uncontrollable herd of guide (???) dogs?
If I voice my dissent, will they beat me with their white sticks?
That is, if I don’t move too fast for them.
That is, if I don’t immerse (???) myself into luminous pink paint, wear a top hat and (???) it on Nelson’s head in the floodlights, with the sirens wailing, and cameras rolling, and horns blazing, waving my arms.

I’m here, suckers, I’m right here, and that thing is an aberration.
That thing is a (???) abomination, an insult to color.
It absorbs light. It absorbs life. A Venus flytrap that seeks out beauty, envelops it and (???) it down with the cheapest, grossest instant coffee and then spits it out randomly, tinged with acid, (???), melting my eyes like a (???) Medusa, I’m pulling down the shutters of an already-dark planet (???).

I hold you responsible for the demise of humankind.
They (???) on their knees before you, as still as you wish them to be. Shattered stones strewn across the landscape for you to recapture in an ugly way across another (???).
Will you… message received
The experiment has failed.
You failed! Time to start… (???)
with bated breath…


The Opium Den Parts 1-3

Just breathe in.
Now exhale.


Ranting and Raving



Immaculate Conclusion

You all belong to me…


The Petrified Florist



Premonition 39




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