Curious Guy


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BE 12″ Play It Again Sam BIAS30

  1. Curious Guy -[MP3]
  2. Premonition 16 -[MP3]




  • Edward Ka’Spel – vocals, keyboards
  • Adanta Blah – keyboards
  • Patrick Q Paganini – violin, keyboards
  • Percii Pilchardd – bass
  • Stret Majest Alarme – guitars
  • The Silverman – keyboards

Cover by Barbery


Side A plays at 45 rpm, Side B at 33 rpm.


These 2 songs appear on the CD version of The Lovers.


Curious Guy

Smash me into little pieces, put me in a cup, add sugar, stir me, warm me up, and drink me. I want to get inside you. I want to light your heart. I want to lick your secret valleys, slide through alleys, dance from stone to stone. I want to hear you moan in ecstasy. You’re shy, you shouldn’t be. I just want to get to know you better, to know you better, know you better. I’m a curious guy.(x3) I spy. There’s blood in my eyes. I’m a furious guy.(x2) I die. (I’m great in cans; I’m great on toast……..)

Premonition 16

You rolled your tongue, you spat… I flew… A hole in one! Despatched me in the kitchen sink; I sank confused and bruised and thinking about our honeymoon of nights beneath the moon together. Crosslegged, floating down the river. We didn’t need a boat-us angels aren’t afraid of water, are we? Are we?? I am, now I’m lying flat with alligators and rats to talk to… licking sweet corn from my fingers, tea leaves from my eyes; the blood of suicides is dripping on all sides, and I’m wondering if one of them could be you. YOU….. Yes, I wonder if one of them could be you.

(She said, “no complications…I’ve been hurt too many times before and each time, well it gets a little harder – I’ll hurt you if you stay for more. (she said….) She said : “it was different last night; You were a tiger on the prowl. You had claws – but they snapped. You don’t attract me now. She said, “Don’t bother phoning; I’d slam the receiver right down. Well, I just want to be alone you know these days…..)

Somewhere someone’s laughing.


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