Der Aussiedler


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NL 7″ Rund Um den Watzmann/Korm Plastics RUDW002/KP3490 (different image)

NL 12″ Rund Um den Watzmann RUDW002

4 Years Later
NL 12″+ CS Rund Um den Watzmann WATZ002
(special “sub-edition”)

  1. Potsdammer Spats- The Legendary Pink Dots
  2. Tractus Locomotorius- Beequeen


  1. Kolomñmë (The Elke Mix)- Edward Ka-Spel
  2. Shedur- Bee Queen
  3. The Day She Left for Good- Silverman
  4. Prine- Brunnen
  5. Manipulations 1- Kapotte Muziek
  6. Manipulations 2- Kapotte Muziek


  • The Legendary Pink Dots
  • Beequeen (Frans de Waard, Freek Kinkelar)


Recorded for the fashion show Der Aussiedler featuring designs by René Heid of Rund Um Den Watzmann.
1990 7″ is packaged with a medium t-shirt and limited to 200 copies in a silk-screened sleeve.

1994 12″ is also packaged with a shirt and limited to 200 copies in a silk-screened sleeve.

A 1994 “sub-edition” was limited to 30 copies (15 of each format) and is subtitled 4 YEARS LATER. It comes with a different t-shirt from the first edition and other “gadgets”, etc., with each of the 30 copies being unique and signed by all participants. It also includes a 6 track cassette with solo works from members of LPD and Beequeen, including “Kolomne (the Elke mix)” by Edward Ka-Spel and “The Day She Left For Good” by The Silverman.


In 1990 I completed my fashion design studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem with a collection called ‘Der Aussiedler’, inspired by the political movements in communist Eastern Europe which led directly to
the fall of the Berlin Wall. This collection held both a critical and an ironical view of these events in being an attempt to visualise my personal experiences.  I asked the Legendary Pink Dots and Bee Queen if they would take care of the music for the fashion show. They both came up with terrific soundscapes and after the show I decided to release their music together with some documentation of my collection and a T-shirt with a specially designed print. Each T-shirt, was individually silk screen-ed and therefore unique. -René Heid

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