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DE 7″ Some Fine Legacy SFL004

13 May 2014
self released on Bandcamp

  1. Legacy (1981)
  2. Legacy (2006)



Side “A”

  • EK: voice
  • Michael Marshall: keys,guitar (he in fact composed the music for “Legacy”)
  • Roland Callaway: bass guitar.

Side “B”

  • EK: voice,devices
  • The Silverman: keys,devices,tapes.

Thanks to Marc Milhounic for the fact that this single exists and Papiro who designed the cover.


Numbered edition of 500 copies only available during the 25th anniversary tour of the Legendary Pink Dots in 2006.


When the Pink Dots reached the age of 25, a friend (Marc Milhounic) who had been there from the beginning decided to mark the occasion.

A few years before he had started a label which took it’s name from a line in one of the Dots’ earliest songs- “Some Fine Legacy”.  Consequently the Dots dedicated the “A’ side of this 7” single to the first rendition of “Legacy”(1981) which can be found on the “Chemical Playschool 1/2” double cassette release.

Side 2 of the single sees the song reinvented as a collage / radioplay , 25 years later and painfully world-weary. Here it is for your delectation.


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