Live at Café de la Danse


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CDr Trademark of Quantity

MP3 Remastered version on Bandcamp

  1. Intro
  2. My First Zonee
  3. Peace of Mind
  4. Faded Photograph
  5. Rainbows Too?
  6. A World with No Mirrors + Bad Hair
  7. No Matter What You Do
  8. Just a Lifetime
  9. Grain Kings
  10. I Love you in Your Tragic Beauty
  11. Princess Coldheart



  • Edward Ka-Spel- voice, keyboards
  • Niels Van Hoorn- saxes, flute
  • The Silverman- keyboards, electronic devices
  • Martijn De Kleer- guitars, bass
  • Raymond Steeg- live sound


A good recording of a decent show by the Dots shortly before Christmas 2007.

The acoustics of Cafe de la Danse were nigh perfect and the Parisian audience respected the music enough to allow every note to be heard, yet give the band full-on encouragement. A night to remember.

This show was released on CDR by “The Trademark of Quantity” in 2008 and has been carefully remastered for this reissue on Bandcamp. – Edward Ka-Spel


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