Poi Poka Mozhesh / Пой Пока Можешь


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RU CD Brudenia LPD1

  1. Casting the Runes – [MP3]
  2. Zero Zero
  3. Damien – [MP3]
  4. Pennies For Heaven – [MP3]
  5. Third Secret – [MP3]
  6. Lisa’s Separation – [MP3]
  7. The Golden Age – [MP3]
  8. New Tomorrow –  [MP3]
  9. The Lovers (Part Two) – [MP3]
  10. Supper at J’s (Version One)
  11. Interflora Overdrive (Part One)
  12. Interflora Overdrive (Part Two)


Edward Ka-Spel – voice, keyboards, electronics
The Silverman – keyboards, processes
various others…


Another anthology release (similar to STONE CIRCLES and CANTA MIENTRAS PUEDAS) with the last three tracks on the disc being previously unreleased, although “Supper at J’s” appears in a different form on the Ka-Spel solo album.


“Poi Poka Mozhesh” is the second anthology release by LPD to use the “Sing While You May” title (the first being in Spanish, “Canta Mientras Puedas”).  This time Russian is the theme as the title and most of the text is in Russian and the discs themselves were made in Russia.  The Cyrillic fonts and marine blue themed artwork make for a very interesting looking double pocketed digipack.  The cd collects 9 previously released album tracks from 1988 to 1995 (culled from The Lovers, The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse, The Maria Dimension, Shadow Weaver and From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By) and 3 previously unreleased tracks at the end.  There’s a wide range of LPD styles represented here:  string-based, keyboard-based, piano-based and guitar-based songs.  “Supper at J’s (version 1)” isn’t all that much different from the version found on Ka-Spels’s 1998 album “The Blue Room”.  “Interflora Overdrive” is a pretty groovy, early ’70s Krautrock-ish type 2-part instrumental jam.  These 3 ‘bonus’ tracks are nice, but don’t really necessitate a purchase, unless of course you’re a rabid collector type like myself.  “Poi..” is probably best for those who’ve yet to hear LPD, or maybe this particular era of LPD.  But, I would recommend “Canta..” over “Poi..” as I think the former does a superior job in track selection.  Sing while you may … – Brainwashed


That’s Russian for “Sing While You May”–the Legendary Pink Dots’ motto–and POI POKA MOZHESH thus joins the Mexican CANTA MIENTRAS PUEDAS and the North American STONE CIRCLES as another “best of” volume tailored for international audiences. MOZHESH is indeed a Russian compilation of Dots “hits,” featuring such classics as SHADOW WEAVER’s beautiful, contemplative “Zero Zero,” and THE MARIA DIMENSION’s rapturous mantras, “Pennies From Heaven” and “Third Secret.”

The mostly mid-period selections highlight the unpredictable Dots at their most accessible. Bright acoustic melodies and modern-minstrel instrumentation abound, supporting Edward Ka-Spel’s silvered vocals, snaking basslines, keyboard glazings, quirky percussion, and some of the most intriguing lyrics ever imposed upon “pop” songs. Until the final three tracks, only a touch of the Dots’ capacity for psychedelic damage is in evidence. But these unreleased out-takes delve headfirst into the more experimental aspect of the Dots, with “Supper at J’s (Version 1)” being the most abstract and intoxicating of the bunch, and make MOZHESH worthwhile for fans and novices alike.  –Allmusic.com


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