The Legendary Pink Dots Christmas Special 2015


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December 23, 2015
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Hypothetical Angel
  2. I wish It Could Be Christmas Every Decade


  • Edward Ka-Spel
  • The Silverman
  • Erik Drost
  • Raymond Steeg


Are you tired of that awkward Paul McCartney song that feels like someone repeatedly jabbing you with a pin while ordering you to have a wonderful Christmas Time? Afraid of Live Aid? Slade? Deceased British comedians that twitch, and shout “Thwaaaay!” (whatever that means)? Well, here is the antidote to that…. the Christmas song that you’ll probably hear just once. If it’s loud enough, the local vigilantes will surely torch your computer and insist you are a heretic.  Welcome, my friends, to The Legendary Pink Dots’ Christmas Special 2015.
You have been warned.

This release was available for a limited time between December 23rd, 2015 and January 10th, 2016


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