The Wednesday Mass


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Release date and tracklist

May 28, 2015
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Lent – Disturbance – Dissonance 19:30
  2. Close Your Eyes You Can Be a Space Captain – Zoo – Princess Coldheart – Fate’s Faithful Punchline -Pain Bubbles 33:26
  3. Citadel 11:49




  • The Silverman
  • Ryan Moore
  • Martijn De Kleer
  • Niels Van Hoorn
  • EK
  • Frank Verschuuren


From Bandcamp:
26.1.2000. We feared the worst as we crawled through the mountains to Ostrava in the far East of the Czech Republic on a freezing Wednesday Night in January 2000. Ostrava is a working town, there are coal mines; it’s a World away from Prague …..would anyone there even have heard of the Pink Dots? In fact a few hundred people showed up and ultimately it was one of the most enjoyable shows in our long history – it also probably features our longest ever rendition of “Citadel”, clocking in at over 11 minutes. Another joyous evening in the Czech Republic- a country we love dearly.
Big thank yous to Adam and Adriana who started things for the Dots in this special corner of the World. -EK



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