Tryst 7


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US cassette Ubuibi

Side A- Bedgeceityookastraw

  1. Introduction
  2. Kaosyxs
  3. Seven
  4. Distraction
  5. Focus
  6. Withdrawal
  7. Release

Side B- Legendary Pink Dots

  1. The Politics of Excess


Side A-

  • Voice – Alan Herrick, Ch.Mowimy, Eric Hausmann, Frans de Waard, Miss Bobby, Peter Duimelinks, Robin James
  • Performer – Das, Robo, Your Host Bobby
  • Featuring [Background Music] – Cliff Neighbors, Rob Wortman

Side B-

  • Performers – Edward Ka-Spel, Phil Knight

Layout, Design – Das
Text By [Booklet] – A Beltane, Anon., Barbara, Das, Drew Dobbs, Jeanette, Laurence Kopel, Mike Dringenberg, Molly, Ogdakini, Ogdemon, Ophir (3), Rob Wortman, T-Bone Juju, Tryst Stuffing Team


60 minute split cassette with Big City Orchestra, limited to 200 copies.
This track (which was not titled by the Dots) is actually a mix of old LPD material into something very different.
Both LPD and BCO produced two different mixes of their material for this release, and versions were then mixed, meaning there are 4 different editions of this release
Packaged with a magazine, toys, stickers, etc. (booklet pdf)

From the booklet :
“The Legendary Pink Dots side of the cassette is entitled “The Politics Of Excess”. It contains Edward’s 8-track cut-up of many, many old Dot songs, along with Phil’s manipulated samples from the eight track. This was mixed live 11/92 in their attic in Gendt. Having had so much fun on the first mix, a second attempt was made. These were both so lovely and quite different (though it uses the same material), that I could not choose which to use for Tryst, so we do the most confusing option and use both. Half of the Tryst will have Mix One and half will be Mix Two / (…) Since the Pink Dots got to do two mixes, so have BCO”.



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