Walls Of Snow – The Swedish Radio Special


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02 November 2014
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Live in Sundsvall 1989




  • Niels Van Hoorn- saxes,wind instruments
  • Edward Ka-Spel- vox/keys
  • The Silverman- keys
  • Hans Meyer- sound wizardry


The single 30-minute track includes:

  • Brief interview with Edward
  • Maniac
  • The More It Changes
  • Thursday Night Fever
  • Eight Minutes to Live
  • Blacklist

from Bandcamp:
A big thank you to Anders Ilar who literally sent me this rare recording this afternoon (2 November, 2014). It features LPDs live in Sundsvall in 1989 on Swedish Radio plus a little interview. Quality is high, but be sure the sound of that raging crowd you hear at the beginning was for a different band. The brutal truth is that maybe 30 people saw the show after a spectacular 10 hour drive through Sweden in the middle of Winter. ┬áIndeed there were literally walls of snow lining the route. Still it was worth it – the hardy souls who showed up treated us well. -EK


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