An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 3


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Release date and tracklist

January 17, 2018
NL MP3/CD-r self-released on Bandcamp

  1. The Ministry Of Dosimformation
  2. The Night Tram / Samsung und die Dialler
  3. Dismantling The Tower
  4. Empires Must Burn (alternative interpretation)
  5. Amber


  • Edward Ka-Spel


Third in a series exposing “stray” and unheard pieces from the EK vault. ¬†Included in this collection is “Amber” now revisited / remastered,¬†hailing from the hyper rare “handmade ” vinyl edition of “Trapped in Amber” and a previously unreleased version of “Empires Must Burn” which appears on a collaborative album with Philip Petit and Asva.

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