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Apr 5, 2010
cassette Plinkety Plonk Records plink 27

Side A

  1. Devascapes 1
  2. Devascapes 2
  3. Devascapes 3

Side B

  1. Devascapes 4
  2. Devascapes 5
  3. Devascapes 6


Cover Image***
Oct 10, 2010
CDR no label

  1. Devascapes 1-3
  2. Devascapes 4-6


Jan 21, 2014
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

Cover Image

  1. Devascapes 1-3
  2. Devascapes 4-6



Devascape X- bonus track


  • Edward Ka-Spel- Analogue, digital devices, manipulations


Cassette- Recorded in Limburgia in December 2009 and January – March 2010

CDr- Edition of 20 signed and numbered copies, packaged in a hand-made sleeve, sold only on the Legendary Pink Dots 2010 US tour (only one copy available each night).
Features a section of a story affixed to the rear cover.
Includes a voucher to receive the full story plus an additional piece of music.

After the tour a further and final edition of 30 was produced especially for giving the European fanbase the chance to get ony copy, too.

“Devascapes” was a project that took around a year to realise and was intended to paint a sound picture of a planet ravaged by life and time, a landscape where insect was king and where we poor humans could only watch the outside world on screens from deep beneath the surface.  It’s about as extreme as EK ever has been musically and a small run of cdrs was contemplated.

These came into being eventually (55 altogether); 25 (signed and numbered) were sold, 1 per show on a US Tour and a 2nd edition of 30 was made for Europeans. All had handmade covers and the fragment of a story, which had initially been cut up into small pieces pasted onto the backs. The full story was later set to music (Devascape X) and made available to those brave souls who produced a download voucher.

Even so, before all of this there was a cassette edition from Plinkety Plonk Records following a request from old friend Frans De Waard (boss at PP) for “something noisy”.

Believe me, Devascapes is NOISY!  -Edward Ka-Spel



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