One Last Pose Before the Ruin


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Cover ImageRelease date and tracklist

January 2013
US CD BLRR mt179a

March 30, 2014
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp (alternate cover)

  1. Looping ‘72
  2. A Slighter Fade of Whale
  3. Friends of the Earth
  4. Desert Bong
  5. Mining a Dead Moon


January 2013

LP BLRR mt179b (alternate cover)
Cassette BLRR mt179c (alternate cover)

Side A

  1. Looping ‘72
  2. A Slighter Fade of Whale

Side B

  1. Friends of the Earth
  2. Desert Bong
  3. Mining a Dead Moon


Edward Ka-Spel- instruments, voice


Issued mid January 2013 in a custom made and hand printed 6 panel case as an edition of 500 copies. The ghosts of decades past are blocking the doors but you carry the future in the palm of your left hand. It promises a gentle landing, a transformation in soft colours. Hope. Eternity. Now, for the sake of posterity, one last pose before the ruin…..please.

Reflective and a little melancholy, parts of it could have been made back in ’73, but in another more innocent dimension.  Mostly instrumental, apart from that odd interlude concerning a turkey.


A largely instrumental album from EK (although there is a curious tale of missing turkey recited on “Friends of The Earth”), “One Last Pose” is drenched in the artist’s earliest musical memories.There is a distinct flavour of the 70s prevailing throughout the work and instruments used in it’s creation date from decidedly ancient beasts through to an eclectic collection of soft synthesisers. – notes from Bandcamp page


I am sitting with the newest release from mr. Edward Ka-Spel in front of me. This his latest effort is out, on the exciting and interessting label Beta-Lactam Ring Records, all packed up in a truly amazing cover and art work. As always it is very exciting when a new release comes out from Ka-Spel, as he is a true chameleon in music, every time putting out something very special and unique. 5 tracks in the well known Ka-Spel experimental, dark, droney style is what your ears are treated with. This is music that demands, your full attention to get the maximum experience. Sit down in your favourite listening chair, put on your headphones and let yourself be captivated by the music. Admitted, this music is not for everybody, but if you (like this reviewer) likes experiemental, complicated and drone music this will hit spot on. The solo albums are Edward Ka-Spels labatory, a place where he experiements and create excellent sounds out of this world. Edward Ka-Spel really have a sound off his own, that does not sound like anything else. I like most of his earlier releases and this his latest one does not dissapoint either. If you know Ka-Spel and his music you probally allready have this release, if you are a new listener this is a good place to start. Highly recommended !!!  – Complicated Sounds


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