The Singles Remastered


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April 07, 2013
NL CD-r / MP3  self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Share the Day
  2. Dream Stealer
  3. Clara Rockmore’s Dog
  4. Stars on Some Days
  5. Inferno
  6. Illusion
  7. The Man Who Never Was
  8. Fuse
  9. Lillith’s Daughter Version Apocalypse
  10. The Rose



  • Edward Ka-Spel- Vox, Keys, broken violin, devices electronic and acoustic
  • Nienke- voice on “Share the Day”


Gathered together in one place , the 7″ and 10″ vinyl releases from EK. all freshly and lovingly remastered. The only missing title is “The Textures of Illumina” which was turned into a double cd and will also be eventually posted here. Artwork by Alena & EK.



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