Live In Vienna


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Release date and tracklist

September 28, 2017
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  1. Introduction/The Unlikely Event/Pulp Fiction
  2. Shahla’s Missing Page
  3. The Shock Of Kontakt
  4. Mrs O
  5. The Clock At The Back Of The Cage
  6. Golden Dawn
  7. The Jack Of Hands
  8. 15 Flies/Beyond The Beach
  9. Machete
  10. Rainbow’s End
  11. The Lovers Part 2/The Lovers Part 1
  12. Half Jack



  • Amanda Palmer-Piano, keyboard, vocals
  • Patrick Q.Wright-violins, devices
  • Edward Ka-Spel: voice, keyboard
  • Joep Hendrickx- sound enhancement.

Recorded by Joep
Edited, mastered by EK.


A beautiful theatre in Vienna named “Porgy & Bess” on a hot June evening.This was last time the Rainbow trio played their full set on a unique tour that spanned 2 continents. A special “Thank You” must go to old Pink Dots” friend Klaus Totzler who made this special night happen.

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