Live In Sens 2015


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November 18, 2016
MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Black Widow’s Kiss / Flesh Parade
  2. Love Puppets
  3. Third Secret / Friendly Fire / Prisoners Of War / So Gallantly Screaming Anno 30
  4. Poppy Day


  • Edward Ka-Spel
  • The Silverman
  • Raymond Steeg


The night of November 27 ,2015 marked what was possibly one of the most important and special shows in Pink Dotted history. Solo shows are extremely rare these days but this was an invitation marking the 30th Anniversary of the wonderful radio show “La Nuit des Sauriens” hosted by old friend Patrick Pincot who had supported the Dots from the beginning. It meant a visit to a country in a state of shock following the brutal terrorist attack in Paris earlier in the month. After a familiar set opener the programme lurched into improvisation for the second half and a sensitive listening audience remained part of the unpredictable journey through to the climax , which was later taken on by the Dots for Tour Aquarian.This is the sound of sowing musical seeds.A big thank you to Raymond ,who mixed ,Patrick ,who was a gracious host, Jef , who made it all happen , and the array of marvellous artists who played earlier that night. -EK


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