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DE CD Streamline CD 1001 inside image

  1. untitled
    [includes “December…Whatever”]


DE LP Streamline LP 1001

side a

  1. untitled – [MP3]
  2. untitled

side b

  1. untitled
  2. untitled – [MP3]
  3. untitled
  4. untitled – [MP3]


Cover ImageAugust 28, 2007
US CD Streamline 1001R
available here

  1. untitled – [MP3]
  2. untitled
  3. untitled
  4. untitled – [MP3]
  5. untitled
  6. untitled – [MP3]


March 22, 2015
NL Enhanced (first edition cd) MP3  self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Mimyriad  49:12

March 28, 2015
NL Enhanced (vinyl edition) MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Mimyriad 1
  2. Mimyriad 2
  3. Mimyriad 3
  4. Mimyriad 4
  5. Mimyriad 5
  6. Mimyriad 6




1993 release:
Manufactured in the US by Anomalous.  This album incorporates the track “December…Whatever”, which was originally released on the compilation LP “Perpetual State of Oracular Dream” [Baader-Meinhof VA-001].

1999 release:

Manufactured in the US by Anomalous. The music on the LP edition has been remixed and re-edited from the CD and the songs have been separated, however it does not include “December…Whatever.”

Released in an edition of 1053 records: 550 were purple vinyl with a numbered sticker.

2007 release:
The same mix as issued on the LP from 1999.

Jim O’Rourke first joined Mimir for Mimyriad in 1992. It was completed and released as the first Streamline CD in 1993. In 1998, a radically remixed and re-edited version was issued as a limited edition Streamline LP. This new CD release contains a remastered version of the Mimyriad LP material and comes in a reworked and updated package. ‘…peering down, he tried to gauge how close he might be drifting to solid ground, but the darkness made it impossible to judge. He found himself tensing, then consciously willed himself to relax. When he hit, he had to be relaxed. The spatter of brilliance that was the space port was almost dead ahead. A blackness intervened to shield out the spaceport lights and he hit the ground, knees buckling under him…’

2015 Bandcamp release:
The second album in 1993 saw Jim O’Rourke join Mimir and the chemistry between the two guitar players makes this a delightful, often extremely cosmic voyage.  Two mixes exist of Mimyriad – one for the original cd (this one!) and one for the vinyl edition which was remastered for cd in 2007.  Enhancement applied merely reflects the possibilities now afforded by modern sound tools.

Contrary to popular belief, the 3 Mimir albums ARE still available on cd from: www.dragcity.com/products/mimyriad.  I strongly recommend a visit to Christoph’s own website where it’s possible to buy his music directly: www.christophheemann.de.  The music of Andreas is harder to track down but keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful 10″ “Doppelpunkt Vor Ort” on Robot Records and his self-released CDR , “Live Im Loft”.   Jim has a Bandcamp page for his wonderful “Steamroom” project – here is the link: steamroom.bandcamp.com


Supergroups don’t come much more super than Mimir: Christoph Heemann and bro Andreas Martin (H.N.A.S.), Ed Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) and Jim O’Rourke (Gastr del Sol, Brise-Glase, collaborations with Kaiser, Prevost, Null, Muller, extensive solo output) all teaming up for Mimyriad, one 49-minute track of gliding tonal float. It’s possible to hear elements of all three creative axes – HNAS’s piercing, swooping drone, Ka-Spel’s flubbering weirdness, and O’Rourke’s sourceless, motionless sound – but the beauty of it all is the editing [accomplished by Christoph Heemann], which makes radical direction changes seem rational whilst allowing them to somehow return to their proper impact and which juxtaposes many disparate elements, blending them into one seamless, fluid whole. – Opprobrium 1993


A so well executed and thought out that it leaves a residue of feeling like it is a rare jewel sitting behind glass, so close yet unreachable. Still, the jewel is stunning, possessing both reflective musical distraction and also clear depth to hypnotize with possibility. The majority of the disc is the ultra spacey terrain laid out on the first release, but where that was like being cut from the ship to float eternally, this one at least gives you a propulsion pack to create some direction. The recording is nicely bookended with elegant classic euro art-rockish passages featuring very groovy acoustic guitar riffing. A beautiful recording all in all. – ND 1993


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