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Welcome!! … and thank you for visiting the Dots’ website!!!  There’s lots to see here.  They have a very long discography that can easily be overwhelming.  To that end, we have a Recommended Listening page with a rotating list of songs by seasoned fans.  There is also a song list that Amanda Palmer put together herself on Spotify.  You can see that list here.

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Out Now- I Can Spin A Rainbow

The official release date has come!

I Can Spin A Rainbow, a new album by Edward Ka-spel, Amanda Palmer and Patrick Wright is now available as a CD or double vinyl record.  Please check the Dots’ Bandcamp page for more details and to order.  The digital version of the full album is available on Amanda Palmer’s Bandcamp account.

Two new videos for Amanda and Edward’s new album

Two brilliant new videos for Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel’s new songs:

The Clock At The Back Of The Cage

by Christy Louise Flaws, Chris Bennett, & Luke O’Connor

Beyond The Beach

animation by Chiara Ambrosio

Their new album, I Can Spin A Rainbow, will be out on May 5th 2017.  Preorder HERE

To read the backstory about the making of these videos, please go to Amanda Palmer’s article here: