March 2013 Newsletter

It’s the first day of Spring.  Predictably, it’s cloudy, treacherously cold and I make no apologies for staying in.  It’s the perfect day for wrenching off the headphones and composing a newsletter.  You could say the state of activity at Chez Dots has been almost frenetic of late.
For a start, there’s a brand new Dots album of all-new material slated for release in May by Metropolis Records, entitled “The Gethsemane Option”.  If all goes to plan, we’ll be promoting this with a North American tour in The Fall.
A second album of new material entitled “The Rainy Day That Never Comes” (also slowly prepared throughout last year) is also now recorded, mastered and waiting in the can – more about this one in the next newsletter.

Lastly, in this coming week three new CDR releases with a new design look will become available – also 100% new studio material.  For more information read on my friends…..

Address to use is:

Keep your eye on the Tour page for all updates.


24 April- Amsterdam/ Wilhelmina Pakhuis
Lots more information in the April newsletter about LPDs on the road.


Recorded in 5 intense days as November turned into December and as fresh as a brisk desert wind that fries all who stand in it’s path. Close to an hour of songs, scapes  and colours so loud your neighbours will need guide dogs.  Spontaneity can be a wonderful thing in these oh so cautious times… Out on March 8 (it will not be late).

EUR 13,50 plus postage  –  also available as a download from LPDs’ Bandcamp site:


EDWARD KA-SPEL – Fire Island (CDR)
In January EK went on a rare holiday in an attempt to escape the notorious British winter.  Typically he took all manner of recording equipment with him. It was a wonderful holiday on Fire Island and the songs on this album drip with the atmosphere of that special place.  Out on March 8 (it will not be late).

EUR 13,50 plus postage – also available as a download from LPDs’ Bandcamp site:

THE SILVERMAN – Finisterre  (CDR)
Despite the ominous warnings on the radio, a lonely boat sails away from a lonelier island with the good captain Silverman at the helm.  Aliens here to study mankind had taken control of the airwaves; spread confusion with fake weather reports; induced brainwashing with warped forms of Celtic music; inserted subliminal mantras like “Better Warped Than Corrupted” into all political and financial broadcasting; as well as openly plotting revolution – or was that resolution? or evolution? or perhaps pollution?  But this was of no concern for Silverman as he changed course by the north star, heading out towards Andromeda.  Out on March 8 (it will not be late).

EUR 13,50  plus postage– also available as a download from LPDs’ Bandcamp site:

EDWARD KA-SPEL- One Last Pose Before the Ruin (CD,LP,Cassette,T-Shirt)
EK’s latest  aural adventure for the estimable Beta-Lactam Ring label and a natural successor to “Pleasure Cruise”.  Reflective and a little melancholy, parts of it could have been made back in ’73, but in another more innocent dimension.  Mostly instrumental, apart from that odd interlude concerning a turkey.
CD and hyper – limited cassette due any day –  20 euros plus postage.

Cassette is 10 euros plus postage (check for availabilty!)
T-Shirt (due imminently) is 20 euros plus postage.

VInyl edition (March) will be 25 euros plus postage.


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Chemical Playschool 15 (CD)
On the Rustblade label, a new voyage into the Chemical Playschool after over 10 years of being locked outside the laboratory. Songs, labyrinths, and colours so vivid you’ll never wash them out of your mind. 12 euros plus postage.

ALSO,we have a few extra T-shirts of CP 15 (medium and small sizes only)- Very limited- 20 euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – CHEMICAL PLAYSCHOOL 15…. (1 x cd plus 1x dvd and gadgets,sticker etc.) 299 copies only – 29 euros plus postage.

The hyper-ltd edition is sold out here.

A full-blown collaboration between Denver artists Wesley Young and Jesse Peper  (who creates many wonderful covers for LPDs related releases) and Edward Ka-Spel.  A dark, menacing work = a little like waiting for bus 13 to Dante’s Inferno in a bad neighbourhood. Of course it’s late….15 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – Tanith & The Lion Tree (remastered/expanded CD)

Digipak, remaster with 3 exclusive bonus cuts. Now scheduled for mid November. 15 euros plus postage.



BANDCAMP: We are using the Bandcamp site to preview forthcoming releases and make available some rare and exclusive songs.

Legendary Pink Dots:
Edward Ka-Spel:

FACEBOOK: – Please note: Edward Ka-Spel and Erik Drost also have Facebook pages

: (Thanks Erik!)

BRAINWASHED: (Thanks Jon!)

TWITTER: @pinkdots


Very limited.  15 euros plus postage.



Very limited. 20 euros plus postage.


EDWARD KA-SPEL – The Patriot / Last Man Standing (7″)
Still waiting, alas.


Remasterd and expanded CD with special packaging.


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Seconds Late for the Brighton Line  (double LP)
Just re-pressed.  More information in April newsletter.


Ghost LogicEDWARD KA-SPEL – Ghost Logik

Alas, the limited editions are gone at TEKA hq, but the single cd version IS now in stock. 12 euros plus postage for the most exotic ride you’ll ever have on a ghost train.

A seriously electric installment of this trip into hyperspace. Hynotic (real) drums, analogue mayhem and EK providing vocals on a 20 minute piece.

15 euros plus postage.



We have a handful of the exclusive (and rare) cassette version which feature AMJ together with guests Edward Ka-Spel and Scott Solida. Exquisite…. 10,50 euros plus postage


ASVA & PHILIPPE PETIT – Empires Should Burn CD
Highly recommended cd of immaculate soundscapes and spoken word. EK delivers vocals on the 23 minute opener. Jarboe is also a contributor. 15 euros plus postage


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – 9 Live to Wonder – A film by Cevin Key
Occasionally hallucinatory, always personal this DVD presents The Dots at home as it was back in ’93. Lots of unheard improvisation, lots of old machines, dripping with atmosphere. JUST A HANDFUL IN STOCK!! 15 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – A Pleasure Cruise Through 9 Dimensions

Beta-Lactam Ring release this new EK salvo which lives up to it’s name in almost every possible format (even 8-track cartridge). However, pride of place goes to the vinyl edition with an astonishing handmade gimmix cover. The vinyl edition is hyper-limited and costs 45 euros.  Most copies were sold via pre-order, but we still have a few copies in stock.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – A Pleasure Cruise through 9 Dimensions….ltd CD version – 20 euros (plus postage) Cassette and 8-track versions of this title no longer available.

EDWARD KA-SPEL – This Saturated Land
Exclusive album only available as a download via LPDs’ Bandcamp site. This is also the place to go for all the LPD remasters..

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – The Creature That Tasted Sound (CDR)
New CDR release with new studio pieces. 13,50 euros


THE SILVERMAN – Dream Cell Deluxe (2 x CDR)
Now out of print on CD for over 10 years, “Dream Cell ” has been remastered and coupled with a bonus disc with the vinyl version’s extra side and some exciting extras. 18 euros

A mere 6 copies of the original Dream cell double vinyl are still available at 25 euros. Anyone ordering this will receive the CDR bonus disc free.


Recorded between 11th and 14th November 2011, and fittingly includes a new version of “Poppy Day” plus songs and pieces directly related to this occasion. 13,50 euros



A wonderful compilation and part of a wonderful series based upon letters of the alphabet put together by G.X Jupiter Larsen. “L” features a long and unusual exclusive piece by the Pink Dots. Other artists include Lasse Marhaug and Lionel Marchetti. 11 euros

THE BOWLES GIVEN – 7″ single

aka Edward Ka-Spel and old pal Mark Spybey. This single is part of Dead Voices on Air’s 20th Anniversary series). 10 euros


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Seconds Late for the Brighton Line  (CD)
Now available on CD – from ROIR and we’re fiercely proud of it. 15 euros

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – Paris In The Fall (2009) DVD
Spectacular and exciting DVD release from Paris in the Fall 2009. Imagine a club packed like sardines in a can and three cameras hovering over the throng. Possibly LPDs finest, and most intense, visual document. On Soleilmoon. 15 euros

THE SILVERMAN – Time on thin Ice
A mysterious, spiritual voyage from The Silverman, featuring a guest appearance from Edward Ka-Spel on vocals.

  • CD: 15 euros

EDWARD KA-SPEL – The Minus Touch
In Purgatory you have a choice of doors. New CD just released on BLRR.

  • CD: 15 euros

Special limited vinyl release celebrating 30 years of life in the Dots together for Edward and Phil.

  • Limited Tour CD: 15 euros
  • Vinyl: 20 euros (Check for availability!)

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS – The Crushed velvet Apocalypse (remaster)

Special hyper limited edition CD in velvet bag with inserts: 20 euros
Regular edition: 15 euros

EDWARD KA-SPEL – Chyekk China Doll (remastered CD with new bonus tracks). A marvelous spring clean for the sound on this album originally released back in 1986. Musically, a collaboration between Edward and Patrick Paganini who played violin for the Dots at that time. Steve Stapleton edited and made his inimitable mark. First edition CD with deluxe cover: 15 euros


The Angel (Black – XL,L,S girly): To celebrate 30 years we reproduce the design from LPD’s first vinyl album “Brighter Now”.  This has been a very popular number. 20 euros

Seconds Late (Black – XL,L,S girly – one of each size left): The shirt of the tour and the Dots’ latest album designed by The Silverman himself. 20 euros

Alchemical Playschool (White – S – just two left) This, printed up for Soleilmoon’s cd release of the same name,is anideal beach shirt with it’s Eastern flavoured print.  20 euros

Chemical Playschool 15 (Black – M and S): 20 euros


  • All orders can be made by emailing
  • Ordering instructions are at the bottom of the page
  • Please note – all prices are excluding postage!

CONTINUING: The TEKA hand-made series….

Terminal Kaleidescope

The Terminal Kaleidoscope mail order service is happy to announce a series of hand-made items brought to you by members of the band.

The Tower: A picture disc with original artwork by the Silverman hailing back to the original live presentation of songs from this album back in the 80s. 40 euros plus postage.



  • All orders can be made by emailing
  • Ordering instructions are at the bottom of the page
  • Please note – all prices are excluding postage!


Robodop Snei

A beautifully packaged and lovingly crafted CD from old Pink Dots’ friend Danny Eschbach‘s project in Australia. Danny has his own way with the synthesizer that frequently thrills you and certianly takes you out there. The title is “Strange Ongoings” released by Tempest Records.

On many occasions a delightful band named Surreal Funfair has opened
for LPDs in Cologne and berlin.  Sascha Beyer is the mastermind behind
this delightfully eccentric outfit and he has informed me of a debut
album. Go ,seek it out!!

Old Pink Dots’ friends Thorsten Wald and Lars Tangmark urged me to direct you all to their own project here: – It comes strongly recommended.

Close friends of the Dots’ Frans and Freek from Beequeen just informed me that they now have a Bandcamp Page as well.  Some exquisite delights to be found there!
The download fun starts at and


  • K. Salvatore’s mindblowing Tsar Ova Elk LP.
  • somehow passed by The Expanding Universe by Laurie Spiegel until this cd re-issue
  • is Richard Skelton the new Arvo Part?
  • The Seer by Swans
  • Remember that feeling of hearing Can for the first time? The Lost Tapes are so very welcome
  • Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage
  • Hildur Gudnadottir’s Leyfou Ljosinu on intense and glorious replay


LOVE AND LOUD COLOURS – The lyrics of Edward Ka-Spel

We’d like to bring your attention to… this is a website dedicated to Edward Ka-Spel’s book of lyrics which was released a few years ago. The site has been updated and visitors will find a section where Edward reveals the origins for many of his outpourings.  There are not so many books left now.  Those interested should write to Kirsten who lovingly created the book and the website.

TAPAJAWA – Critical Magic

Barry Gray (aka Stret majest Alarme), Legendary Pink Dots’ guitar player from all of the first albums, has just released a fine and utterly spacey cassette on Beam Ends Records. Now operating under the name of TAPAJAWA, it can be ordered via our old friend Freek of BeeQueen for 15 Euros. Order directly from Freek:

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