Summer 2014 Newsletter

 Firstly, there is this…….


The story went like this…….

“There are 10 people who run the World. They are all male and presidents, magnates and high priests all do their bidding. The 10 live in villas in the remotest part of the Himalayas- a place that absolutely NO – ONE would ever stumble upon. Although the 10 live in such close proximity to each other, they choose to have meetings in the back room of a small office in London. That’s where the decisions are made. That’s where the wars begin, that’s where the dice are tossed across the table to establish who wins, who loses, who lives, who dies.”

The classic conspiracy theory to end them all and I listened, open-mouthed, hair falling into my eyes.  It was maybe 1976 when I heard this first.

You are right to snigger at my naivety.  I listened and twisted this story around inside my head, and it did indeed seem completely unbelievable.

Now of course it’s 2014, and Im older and wiser and I have to laugh at myself too. Now I know wasn’t a theory. Now I know it’s true.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re delighted to announce a new album by The Legendary Pink Dots.

109 Volume 1 is now released on vinyl and orders are possible. It costs 20 euros plus postage.

HOWEVER, BE AWARE THAT OUR INITIAL QUOTA IS SOLD OUT THROUGH PRE-ORDERS!!! Best to order from for a speedy delivery – we will receive more in around three weeks.


 Available through

Volume 2 is finished and slated for a September release also on vinyl. There are also tentative plans for a cd edition of 109.

Also in the pipeline are a number of cd/cd-r releases which were previously only available as downloads from our Bandcamp site ( follows frequent and repeated requests from a number of long-term Dots’ friends who have made it abundantly clear that they HATE downloads..Obviously we cannot physically put out everything that was intended as simple download-only releases, but some key titles are being lovingly dressed-up and ready to have and to hold.

Look out for the first volume of “Come Out From The Shadows” on Beta-Lactam Ring Records in August as well as a long demanded CDR version of EK’s”This Saturated Land” (boosted with a number of bonus tracks too).


August 30       LEIRIA (P) Festival…..tentative

November 6   BERLIN -Urban Spree (D) to be confirmed

November 7   WROCLAW Industrial Festival (PL)

November 8   OSTRAVA – Marley Club t.b.c

November 9   PRAGUE – Vogon

November 10 CZ

November 11 VIENNA-Szene

November 12 ZNOMJO (CZ)

November 14 LIEGE – L’Escalier (B)


We hope to have UK shows on 15/16 Nov, and search for somewhere to play in Germany on 13th.


For all orders please write to EK at regarding availability.  Alternatively this is our site for direct orders:

CDR collection of rare tracks and compilation-only songs.  Clocks in at over 70 minutes. Handmade card covers. Edition of 199. OUT NOW- 13,50 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL-Ghost Logik 2
Lovingly made cdr album  release (also available via our Bandcamp site).Starts with a ghost story then someone opens that old musical box. Hugely atmospheric and utterly disturbing. OUT NOW. 13,50 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL- Trapped in Amber

Remastered for this cdr edition released after quite a few requests from LPD regulars. Wonderful artwork from The Silverman.13,50 euros plus postage.

EDWARD KA-SPEL/ PHILIPPE PETIT- Are you receiving us Planet Earth?
Extraordinary collaborative voyage slated for Record Store Day (APR 19) which is coincidentally also Easter Saturday.
Special cd/poster box edition (very limited)- 20 euros plus postage
VINYL edition- 20 euros plus postage


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS -Traumstadt 5 (2014 remaster)
On cdr in card sleeve with insert- 13,50 euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Traumstadt 2 (2013 remaster)

2 x CDR fresh off the press.  Card covers ,lovingly home made. 18 euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Traumstadt 4 (2013 remaster)
New CDR fresh off the press.  Card covers, lovingly home made. 13,50 euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Traumstadt 3 (2013 remaster)
This impossibly rare cassette now on lovingly home-made cdr.  Full colour art, card sleeve 13,50 euros plus postage.

LPDs recent album on compact disc from Metropolis Records. All senses are covered here , but don’t try to make sense of that symbol etched in the sky…..Perhaps this take on reality is all your personal delusion after all but don’t be discouraged. There’s always another channel, aways one more dimension. 15 euros plus postage.

Private release of LPDs’ somewhat historic show in Tel Aviv in June where The Dots’ violinist from the 80s, Patrick Paganini, was a special guest. A 2-camera recording and sound from the mixing desk makes this document truly home-made,but nonetheless very worthy of your attention. 15 euros plus postage.

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS- Taos Hum (cassette)
Hyper limited cassette version of the CDR / Bandcamp release by Beta-Lactam Ring Records.  Scheduled release date: Late June. Out Now- 12 euros plus postage. A vinyl version for this is slated for the end of the year.

EDWARD KA-SPEL- Fire Island (cassette)
Now released but highly limited in this format. 12 euros plus postage. 

THE SILVERMAN- Finisterre (cassette) Now released but highly limited in this format. 12 euros plus postage.

ORBIT SERVICE – A Calm Note From The West (handmade art edition by Orbit Service – very limited.Edward Ka-Spel – small mysterious bridge between tracks).  20 euros plus postage.


EDWARD KA-SPEL-This Saturated Land

Expanded cdr version ,lovingly home-made with card cover.Edition of 199.13,50 euros plus postage. END JULY



Glorious remastered cd reissue on Jnana Records with mini-album sleeve and rare bonus track.15 euros plus postage.


LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-The Curse of Marie Antoinette

CDR version – an edition of 199. 13,50 euros plus postage (END JULY)

!!!!!! IN THE PIPELINE !!!!!!


EDWARD KA-SPEL- The Victoria Dimension

New cd /vinyl on Beta-Lactam Ring Records


EDWARD KA-SPEL- All About Control/Beside The Seaside-7″ single with Adverse Effect magazine.


LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-Come Out From The Shadows Volume 1

New cd on Beta-Lactam Ring Records


SAUCERS OVER LINCOLN-No Star Too Far. LPDs meet Orbit Service in a collaboration forged in Heaven with hellish fervour. Cd slated for eventual release on BLRR


LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-The Maria Dimension Complete Recordings- FIVE (!!)

disc vinyl box set on Soleilmoon Recordings. Now in production.We look to late fall for release.


Slowly becoming the primary page for The Legendary Pink Dots (and related) catalogue. Over 60 albums downloadable from here including remasters and rarities. Physical cds/cdrs/vinyl and t-shirts van also be purchased here.

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We’d like to bring your attention to This is a website dedicated to Edward Ka-Spel’s book of lyrics which was released together with an exclusive a few years ago.The site has been updated and visitors will find a section where Edward reveals the origins for many of his outpourings.Not so many books left now.  Those interested should write to Kirsten who lovingly created the book and the website.


Please go to: TEKA catalogue | TEKA ordering instructions

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