Ancient Daze (Record Collector)

Ancient Daze: Wonderful re-release of wonderful music
by Freek Kinkelaar

In 1980 the Legendary Pink Dots released their debut, cassette-only album, Only Dreaming. A grand total of nine copies were made and given to friends. In the 90s, bits and pieces of the tape were released on CD but now, 26 years after the initial release, we get the full monty.

Carefully remastered and sounding fresh and crisp, this release is full of reversed loops, tapes and soundscapes mixed into catchy songs that illustrate the Dots’ unique, versatile and very English blend of psych-pop experimentation. Dots mainstays such as Voices, Break Day, Violence and Phallus Dei are featured here in their earliest known versions. As a bonus, several tracks from Chemical Playschool 1+2 (another 80s tape release) and three previously unreleased tracks have been added. Even though the Dots’ sound (and line-up) has changed considerably over the years, this is where it all began. After 26 years, these recordings have lost nothing of their originality and spark. Essential.

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars


Beta Lactam-Ring | MT 120


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