Faces In The Fire (Satan Stole My Teddybear)

Possibly in the same spirit of the Residents’ Commerical Album, the Dots have a great, jingle filled album that is quite madcap and downright uplifting in spirit. Edward Ka-Spel (known as the Prophet Qa’Sepel here) has honed his lyrics to razor sharp perfection (especially in “Kitto”, where he laments “You could have left the cat, a little company to talk at/He never said a word except when he was hungry”). And his sexually laden “Love in a Plain Brown Envelope” is downright fantastic, bolstered by the excellent droning (alternating with great violin work) music. (Besides, who can deny the poetry of “Heaven is hole/There’s a whole lot of heaven in your cavern, in your avenue…enjoy it?”.) The biggest flaw in this album is that it’s WAY too short.

Source: http://www.ssmt-reviews.com/artist/legend.html



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