Legendary Pink Dots Bring Cosmic Apocalypse (SF Weekly Blog)

Legendary Pink Dots Bring Cosmic Apocalypse to the Cafe Du Nord in November

Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 03:20:23 PM

European cult rockers the Legendary Pink Dots have announced two dates in San Francisco, November 14-15 at the Cafe Du Nord. For those uninitiated into the Dots’ odd world, imagine a man vaguely reminiscent of Dr. Who reeling off eccentric sing-song melodies that sound whimsical and innocent — until you discover the bloody menace lurking underneath. Meanwhile the band behind him unrolls climbing sheets of sound that envelop elements of psychedelic rock, goth, dub, ambient jazz, and analog electronic noise. It’s what might happen if a lysergic hippie tea party took a disastrous turn for the worse. Anyway, the already converted or the merely curious can buy advance tickets for $17 at the Cafe Du Nord website. — J. Graham


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