Plutonium Blonde (

I am new to the Pink Dots, I had no idea of what to expect upon putting this record on. But as I dimmed the lights and listened to the first opening lines of Torchsong, I knew I was in for a ride. This song is seriously sinister, perhaps what a serial killer would listen to on the way to his work. There is a beautiful, eerie, dark power in this music.

Do a little research on the LPD and you’ll find they formed as a band in London in 1980 and have produced more than 40 albums. They have a dedicated, worldwide cult following.

The album is a captivating blend of atmospheric electronica, industrial edge, disturbing imagery, and psychedelic weirdness. Here’s a quick play by play, some notes I made as I listened to the album. Take it for what it’s worth.

Torchsong – Slashing blades, sinister pulsating underlay of dark vibeage. Ka-Spel is scaring the crap out of me with this line – “I’m high as a kite, there’s so much to fight for, so much to die for, so much to kill for, so much to hate, there’s so much to boycott, goddamned for godsakes we’re damned and I’m late for a very important date.” Yeah.

Rainbows Too? – Calm and collected after the violence, in a car streaming down the road in the rain. Strange mixture of adrenalin and valium . “Just like all the others, time to throw back all the covers, time to fly.”

A World with No Mirrors – Fully down now and quiet soft melodic folk. Wow – “But we’re sinking as we shiver in our world that has no mirrors, where the glass is just a sliver where the river’s always dry, time and type are just an outline and always…….in retreat?” Oh no, that was just a minor reprieve. That monster’s back. I’m in the main character’s mind and its fascinatingly creepy.

My first Zonee – this is a commercial for something we can buy for our inner-child, but it’s not going to be good for us. I love the jam that comes on towards the end.

Faded Photograph – Who’s the ghost? Is it me? Oh…. I remember this when I lived in the 40’s. Don’t you?

An Arm and a Leg – This song freaks me but I can’t look away. Uh-oh. “Don’t worry friend we’re still here and we’ve made such advances.” They have tapped into something powerful here. This is the album’s peak, what it’s all about. Man.

Mailman – Ok. I’m now fully involved in the the LPD movie. It’s that pivotal moment when you know the band has a new fan.

Ocean’s Blue – The movie is over I just hit the end of the reel. But it’s still going on. This is the second communication coming, the one that started during An Arm and a Leg.

Savannah Red – When it gets too intense you need a little break.

Cubic Ceasar – Break time’s over. Our character tells his story. Now I know.

Man, I’m blown away. It isn’t an album, it’s a multi-dimensional movie.

The Legendary Pink Dots are playing a show at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC on HALLOWEEN. You know where I’ll be.


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