The Whispering Wall (Cosmik Debris)

Reviewed by DJ Johnson

I didn’t think too hard just now when I took a hell of a mind trip with The Legendary Pink Dots. I should have been paying attention to every word, I suppose, but it seemed to be more about the sounds they weave for the listener to float on. Exquisite sounds, from bell-like keyboards ringing in layers to cast-off sounds orbiting the space and coming back slightly altered, pockets of noise just loud enough to turn your head, colliding tails of reverb, and all wrapped around disturbingly beautiful melodies sung by Edward Ka-Spel. And there are words, but I keep forgetting to bring them into the conscious part of my mind, despite the pounding coming from my subconscious. Let’s see…

Oh my…

Who knew it was a Halloween album? “In Sickness and In Health” is just a tad disturbing (“There engraved upon my heart, your truth will linger when your ashes are just dust in my blind eye”) when you’re feeling happily high from the powerful psychedelic music. But then again, if you didn’t expect a little Outer Limits in your Inner Sanctum, you just don’t know your Dots, do you? Spread the word: the Legendary Pink Dots are still at it in 2004, and what’s more they’re at the top of their game.

© 2004 – DJ Johnson

(The precise date of this review is unknown.)


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