Under Triple Moons (All Music Guide)

Under Triple Moons is a compilation of electro-experimentalists the Legendary Pink Dots’ early material. All of the tracks were previously very hard to find, since they were only issued on cassettes non-commercially (for fans only), and were personally compiled by the band’s singer and leader, Edward Ka-Spel. Ka-Spel’s name may be familiar to Skinny Puppy fans, since he’s collaborated with them often, but Under Triple Moons sounds nothing like Skinny Puppy’s volatile music. What you’ll find here are icy cold synthesizers merged with hard to decipher lyrics sung in a heavy European accent (“Amphitheatre,” “Frosty,” “Splash,” etc.). Although it doesn’t rank with the Pink Dots’ best work, it’s still recommended to hardcore fans of the band.

by Greg Prato
(The date of this review is unknown.)



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