B-CZAR-Connecting the Dots – An Interview with Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots

B-CZAR: Describe the early days of your musical career. Did your family support your dream?

KA-SPEL: I had to have a job to support my musical ambitions in the beginning. Worked for three days a week as a reporter on the local rag (and was this publication ever a rag). Still it kept me alive and afforded me the luxury of buying an analogue synthesizer which I could pay for over 3 years. We rehearsed in a squatted house in Ilfor which is where Phil and April (the other original Dots) lived. We would play for hours, taping everything….the other people living in this house were extremely tolerant.

B-CZAR: Do you consider yourself to be a bard? Explain.

KA-SPEL: Certainly not…I was not born in the 16th Century though the Dots have certainly lasted for quite a while.

B-CZAR: Do you consider Syd Barret to be an influence? Explain.

KA-SPEL: Syd was wonderful, but not as much of an influence as many seem to think. My lyrics are my own.. who else would want to own up to these delusions anyhow? Of course, we are both very English.

B-CZAR: Do you believe in any Fortean monsters?

KA-SPEL: I hated Lord of the rings etc. as a child and haven’t warmed to this kind of thing over time either. No character development-just didn’t catch my imagination. I tried too.. I really did my best to relate to hobbits and slobbits and frobbits and small people with large ears.. didn’t work.

B-CZAR: Do you believe in magick?


B-CZAR: Tell me about the last time you laughed hysterically.

KA-SPEL: I cannot remember a specific moment, but living at this particular time causes me to laugh hysterically very often…it’s the only way to hang on.

B-CZAR: What are your current projects?

KA-SPEL: Next week, I’ll be participating in the first ever Mimir show in Antwerp, Belgium. A nice challenge, as we will improvise completely ….. Jim O’Rourke is even flying over from Chicago to take part.. I like challenges like this. Beyond that, a small European tour is planned for LPDs, then we will record again. Later in the year I’ll visit the USA for some more recording and maybe a couple of solo shows.

B-CZAR: What do you think of the Bush Administration’s handling of American affairs post 9/11?

KA-SPEL: Everything would appear to be going to plan. Me? I’m building an ark in the backyard.

B-CZAR: Define the similarities and differences between The Tear Garden and The Legendary Pink Dots.

KA-SPEL: There is a big difference in production. Tear Garden has traditionally had a large budget to play with, and it does make a difference. Even so, the songs tend to be created the same way. Both projects like to experiment, test the borders… I’m actually looking forward to recording the next Tear Garden….could be later this year.

B-CZAR: Did kraut rock or punk rock influence your music in anyway or did you want to create an alternative sound in opposition to those genres.

KA-SPEL: I grew up with German psychedelic music on the radio and on my stereo when I could finally afford one. It has to play a part…Punk was not so important, but I was deeply impressed by some of the new wave bands like Joy Division, wire, This Heat and Pere Ubu.

B-CZAR : Do you have any pets?

KA-SPEL: Charlotte the cat and Humbert the dog.

B-CZAR : How do you want your epitaph to read?

KA-SPEL: “I can hear every word you are saying”

B-CZAR : What out of fashion clothing would you like to see make a come back?

KA-SPEL: Kaftans.

B-CZAR: What subject did you excel at in school?

KA-SPEL: English believe it or not.

B-CZAR: Read any good books lately?

KA-SPEL: I wish…..so little time to read recently.

B-CZAR: What do you do to overcome creative blocks?

KA-SPEL: I had a horrible creative block at the beginning of 2004. I just hooked up my synthesizers and recorded every note struck in ever increasing anger. When I examined the results in a more balanced state of mind, I realized that there WAS something worthwhile there. It only takes one small seed of hope.

B-CZAR: Do you have any collections?

KA-SPEL: I do like my modest record collection….just can’t resist vinyl. It shocked me when a neighbor’s kid described the records as the biggest CDs he’d ever seen.

B-CZAR: I read in an interview you always perform in bare feet. Explain this.

KA-SPEL: It connects me to the ground, I need this because I’d lose myself otherwise.


Source: http://bit.ly/1KwzKU5

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