12 Steps Off the Path


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May 18, 2014
CDr / MP3  self released on Bandcamp

  1. Old Sparky
  2. Goldilocks
  3. The Chair
  4. A Japanese Manual For A Broken Wheel
  5. A Moustache On The Mona Lisa And Other Things You May Find In The Trash
  6. Evolution Live
  7. Saucers Over Poznan
  8. Citadel (Poznan)
  9. A Velvet Resurrection (Poznan)
  10. I Love You In You Tragic Beauty (Poznan)
  11. Don’t Worry Dear, I’ll Be Holding Your Hand
  12. Out There Part 2


1992- 2014
12 tracks from compilations plus the bonus disc from the long out-of-print Polish three-disc collection, “Classics & Rarities”.


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