Paris in the Spring


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May 05, 2014
MP3 self released on Bandcamp

  1. Pendulum/A Star is Born/The Garden of Ealing
  2. Rainbows Too/Casting the Runes
  3. A Stretch in Time/Salem/Ash & Sand
  4. Grey Scale/Poppy Day/Black List
  5. Isis Veiled/Ascension 2



  • EK- vox, keys
  • The Silverman- keys, devices
  • Erik Drost- guitars
  • Randall Frazier- engineered


A wonderful audience recording of The Dots in Paris on Sunday 13 April, 2014. Venue was Le Klub, a tiny but very special club not so far from The Louvre. A big thank you to Lio who programmed the Dots for a second time and to Renaud who recorded this show so well. -Edward Ka-Spel


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