A Sunday In Brighton


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Release date and tracklist

March 4, 2016
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp
  1. Brighton 1 (Intro/ Casting The Runes)
  2. Brighton 2 (The Warden/the More It Stays The Same)
  3. Brighton 3 (When I’m With You / Kill It)
  4. Brighton 4 (Stitching Time / The Third Secret / Pain Bubbles)
  5. Brighton 5 (Defeated /Isis Veiled)
  6. The Brighton Star


  • Niels Van Hoorn
  • Martijn De Kleer
  • The Silverman
  • Edward Ka-Spel
  • Ray Steeg


Although The Pink Dots originally hailed from the UK, they have played there rarely. Beyond a regular London show, they once played a reggae club in Reading together with Attrition in front of 10 bemused people, a (rather wonderful) home-made festival in Brentwood (with Konstruktivits), an appearance in Northampton, a recent visit to Newcastle…..and this manifestation in the lovely town of Brighton back in 2003.

Memories flood back of the 5 of us crammed in a small dormitory which cost more than what we were actually paid (a princely 50 pounds), a really kind audience who listened and raised us from the confines of a nervous beginning, and a superb time walking the streets of the seaside town the next day. This is a desk recording of that show given to me by long term friend of the Pink Dots, Richard Fontenoy.  It could well be my personal favourite of all live shows posted so far. EK

Sound has been a little enhanced.

More shows from our live archive will be posted throughout this year…We’re checking them for quality whenever time allows…

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