Any Day Now Secrets


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March 14, 2013
CDR / MP3    private release on Bandcamp

  1. Thunderland + True Love Waits
  2. Shiver me Timbres
  3. Engletje
  4. Jah Tension
  5. The Cruel Sea
  6. The Lounge
  7. Session 55
  8. Half a Minute
  9. Adrenalin


  • The Prophet Qa’Sepel
  • The Silverman
  • Stret Majest Alarme
  • Graham Whitehead
  • Patrick Q
  • Jason


Before “Any Day Now” was recorded back in 1987, the Dots enjoyed a memorable afternoon of fine food, fine wine and a fine sound system revealing a plethora of ideas, sketches and jams captured on a pile of cassettes.  As evening crept in votes were cast for what would be developed into a fully fledged album. ADN Secrets is one of those cassettes, cleaned-up a little, and surely for completists- but a priceless peek into LPDs working methods at that time. -E. K-S.



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