Live in Hildesheim 1992


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CDR self released on Trademark of Quantity

March 12, 2013
MP3  self released on Bandcamp

  1. Evolution
  2. Casting the Runes
  3. The Ocean Cried “Blue Murder”
  4. Disturbance + The Safe Way
  5. Green Gang
  6. A Space Between + True Love
  7. The Death of Jack the Ripper
  8. Hellsville


  • Martin De Kleer- guitar
  • Niels van Hoorn- sax, wind instruments
  • Edward Ka-Spel- voice keys
  • The Silverman- keys


CDR in card cover with home-made artwork.  LPD’s first self-made bootleg

First release on Pink Dots’ own “Trademark of Quantity” label .In fact a self-made bootleg.  Quality is variable but the atmosphere can catch the listener.

Possibly, something for the completist. The concert is from 1992.  -E. K-S.



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